Thermostat usage shows heat on 24 hours

This started after installing iphone app on 1/8/24 the thermostat usage shows that the heat was on for 24 hours every day. Why is it every time a app update is installed it creates more problems then it fixes I’m still having problems with previous update making my v3 constantly going offline.

Could you confirm the tstat firmware version? This seems to be a new issue.

Firmware version 12.7

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It seems to be working fine now since Saturday I don’t know what happened I did nothing on my side.

Well I spoke too soon now it’s not recording any usage my a/c was on yesterday for awhile I checked this morning and nothing.

Having the same issue. I rebooted the thermostat and didn’t fix the problem. The heater runs and warms the house, but it doesn’t show how long it ran.