Thermostat filter reminders

Please add the ability to adjust the filter life to weeks and not just >=1 month. I have 2 hairy dogs in the house and need to change those suckers every 2-3 weeks.

Great idea @threecpete :+1:
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I think a great option/feature to add to the app is filter life tracking and reminders. For example, I rarely run my central air during the mild months of fall and spring so the filter sees very little use, but I still get a reminder to change my filter every month. How about the app simply tells you when to change the filter based on how many hours the system has been run?

Yes, being able to set the filter reminder based on runtime hours would be fantastic. Similar to the OP, I have animals and with my old thermostat I was able to get a reminder after 300 hours of runtime. In the summer, that happens very quickly. In the cooler part of the year, that takes months. Having it based on runtime hours is much more useful and being able to set a value in hours (instead of months) gives much more flexibility.