Thermostat Filter Management Push Alerts

Please allow push notifications and alerts in the app for thermostat when filter management has reached user specified usage %. Example: push alert/ alert in app and alert when looking at the thermostat that the furnace filter is 100% used.

Can we get a PUSH notification in the application for the AC Filter tracking feature? It is nice that we can put in when we changed the filter and have it count down the month or more time, but otherwise it doesn’t do anything. If we could set it to post a notification on our phone, as it does for motion tracking etc, that would be really helpful. The same goes for battery levels. I have lost several sensors due to batteries dying and not knowing about them.

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I think a great option/feature to add to the app is filter life tracking and reminders. For example, I rarely run my central air during the mild months of fall and spring so the filter sees very little use, but I still get a reminder to change my filter every month. How about the app simply tells you when to change the filter based on how many hours the system has been run?

Yes please.

I totally forgot about my furnace filter and I opened the device settings and it was 120% used. I just bought a new filter and reset the filter life today.

A push notification would be greatly appreciated