Thermostat Fan Cycle Setting

This isn’t ask the community, not sure it’s a wish list…but that begs the question Wzye folks…what is really the best way for us to give firmware tweak feedback? I’ve seen a lot of it here, but not sure we’re getting it into the system correctly.

Today’s topic is Fan Cycle Setting. I like it. Yet, I’ve discovered I don’t like it in the winter. I thought circulating warm air would be beneficial and maybe efficient, but the air that blows out just feel cold.
So, I turned off cycle setting when cold.
It is now warming up and I’ve turned the heat/ac Off.
Fan still in cycle mode and I’ve upped the number of minutes it runs.
This method just seems to fit warmer weather better than colder weather.

I guess I thought I had a suggestion, but maybe I don’t…unless what I’ve blathered on about give ideas for firmware updates.
It does seem like, as with ac, an extended fan run after heat stops would be nice, but maybe not…I don’t know.

I will say, this time of year lends more credence/desire for SmartThings integration as I can have heat/ac turn off if X door/window(s) open…that’d be nice.