Thermostat - Display current outdoor temp/humidity/weather info

I have a thermostat on preorder and already love everything about it. The only additional feature I wish it had was if it used the wifi connection to display the current temp/weather in your current zipcode. This is always nice to know when setting the temp on an indoor thermostat and the only feature I would miss over some of the other smart thermostats out there. Thanks.

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Reasonable. Also you might want to vote for your own item.

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Thanks for pointing out I didn’t. Although I’ve had a pan cam for a while, I’m new here. I would really love to see this feature added. It’s always nice to know the temp outside when setting the thermostat. Of course I guess I can just always use the app instead of the thermostat and the info is right there on my phone. Still would be nice to see on the unit too.


Yea, Good request and totally in line with other Smart stats out there. I check OSA when I wake up or before a bike ride on my Honeywell smartstat. It is a great feature. The other feature that I haven’t gotten a determination on with the Wyze stat is the ability to allow the fan to react differently when it is in AUTO. I would like to cycle the fan off and on while in heating mode and run continuously when in cooling. These are normal requests for occupant comfort, not really widely available on thermostats.

It is on most other smart thermostats and would be super handy. I know the information is readily available many other places like my phone, google home or other smart home device, computer, etc but would be super handy for when I’m setting a temp at the thermostat or it’s I’m a very handy location to glance at in the hallway headed out the door to see if I should grab a jacket or coat. The fan feature sounds nice too. I did see that the feature was going to be available to keep the fan running after the heat/cool cycle in order to continue circulating the air but no information on if it is a default time or if it is customizable. Thanks for the comment and I hope this can gain a little more traction. I am however super excited to get the thermostat and start using it.

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Hopefully this will get more traction once the thermostat is delivered. I’m excited to get mine and get it installed. Really can’t wait to hear they have it working with Google home as well. Would love to get that along with an update with the outdoor temp on screen. Thanks for the great products Wyze!

Just got my thermostat today and got it installed. Pretty easy to install and loving all the features. Still do wish it would show the outside temp/weather somewhere on the thermostat itself. Thanks for a great super affordable product! Can’t wait for Google Home integration.

I have a programmable dumb thermostat, but it is wired to an outdoor thermometer. I wonder does anyone know if the new Wyze thermostat has a place for the outdoor thermometer to connect?

It asked me for the address where it was installed, it should be able to get the outdoor temperature from the internet…


agree…right or wrong, when it is 60 degrees out [like today] or 32 degrees out, like a few days ago, I’d like to alter the indoor temp, maybe only by a few degrees, but I seem to desire a slightly warmer house when it’s really cold out

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The app will supposedly provide “Insights” as it tracks the system’s daily use. Being able to log at least an average daily outddor temprature, if not hourly would be MUCH more insightful. Using the system on heat for 8 hours a day when its is 32° versus 8 hours when it is 47° speaks volumes on a system’s efficiency.

I think it would be cool if the wyze thermostat could display the current temperature and weather conditions outside on the screen in the corner. It would also be nice to have a icon or something display when a person is detected on one of my wyze cams. The thermostat’s screen could act as a small smart home home hub.

I’m glad to see this is finally getting some traction. I’m loving my thermostat. Working great! Can’t wait to get Google Home integration. If we could get the weather info included on the screen it would be the perfect thermostat. I keep walking by it and each time wished it would show the outside temp and weather even if it was a basic icon. Thanks Waze for the great affordable smart home electronics. This was much better than having to pay $200 plus for one of the other options!

I’m with you, thermostats working great.
No desire for Google Home for me.
WX info display would be sweet…among other tweaks.

This would also be very helpful to turn off the heat pump at a user defined low temp cut off. Heat pumps get less efficient at low temps and most smart thermostats have this capability.

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My understanding from my HVAC guy, is having a smart therm for a heatpump really doesn’t do you any good. Heatpumps need to run always, not get behind or the “emerg” heat kicks in and really runs up the costs…basically, a heatpump, set the temp, and forget it.

That is true. Heat pumps are not good at increasing temp and better suited for maintaining temp, but you are talking about something different from my post. I do normally set the temp in my house and forget it when the temp outside is warm enough to use a heat pump, but when it is cold outside, I like to adjust the temp on a schedule.

My post that you replied to was talking about when the weather gets too cold outside, the thermostat should then turn off the heat pump and only use the second stage. I believe most heat pumps have a manual temp switch outside on the pump, but it would be nice for the thermostat to be able to do this as well since it is much easier to adjust at the stat than at the pump.

I understand, just throwing out my limited heat pump knowledge…trying to show off :nerd_face:

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Hey it helped me and led me to read up about heat pumps. :slight_smile:


Mine works with Google Home, but it is VERY basic operation. If i have it in “Auto” mode in the Wyze app Google shows the mode as “other”. I can change the temp, change the mode to heat or cool, and turn the system off; once I change the mode using Google I can’t change it back to auto without going back to Wyze. I loose my temperature preferences in Wyze when I use Google though. I prefer Wyze anyway due to functionality.