Thermostat - Display Indoor Temperature/Humidity on Home Screen

It would be great if the thermostat on main screen in app had the current temp and even color if Cooling or heat red.

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I’d love to be able to see the current temperature on the Home Screen.


It would be nice if the home screen showed the thermostat state and temp, much like the door lock shows status. This would allow me to check the temp without opening the device.


Having the temprature displayed in the home screen (see screenshot) of the Wyze App would save a click . It would be displayed much like the Battery Capacity of the Wyze Outdoor Camera in the screenshot.

I’m often just checking the temperature of the room without making any adjustments, and having it displayed on the home page would save a click.

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Display thermostat temperature on home

The new climate sensors display their current temperature on the home page, without having to open them. It would be nice if the Wyze Thermostat had this same behavior.

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Display Thermostat Temperature In Main App View

I would like to see the current temperature shows on the main app view similar to the climate sensors.

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Yes this would be great. Sorry I didn’t see this post before.
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Thermostat display in the app

I have quite a few thermostats in the house. It would be nice to be able to view the device list to see the current temperatures instead of having to drill into each one to see its status.


Quite a few? WOW! I believe you have earned the priveledge of the Top Thermostat Rock Star :star2: badge on your Avatar! (…if they had one)

Aside from the accolades, I agree. It would be great to see the temp and humidity in the home screen. Also possibly the mode and the state as well.

With the addition of the new Widgets (make them smaller please - different #wishlist) it would also be great to see this data on the widget button somehow. Since the desktop widget icon launches the app directly into the T-stat page, it is a quicker path to the T-stat than opening the app, but the data up front would be very useful.


How many HVAC systems do you have? Or are each of those considered zones?

Quite impressive


Each of these are zones within our home with the exception that shop is a second system. It allows for quite specific heating in locations around the home. All infloor hydronic as well.

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Wyze Home Screen to show basic info on Thermostats

Can Wyze Home Screen show basic information of the thermostat? Information like temp, set temp, cool or heat, etc. this are basic information that can be easily shown on the Home Screen. Right now you need to drill down to the thermostat to see this basic information.

Also, another request is Wyze thinking about possibility to link multiple thermostat. This is really helpful if u have a zoned system.linking it together makes it easier adjusting just either one of thermostat to set home or away, adjust temp , set heat or cool.

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+1 for both these suggestions for those of us that have more than one thermostat:

  1. Show temperature (and ideally also if calling for heating/cooling on the main page. This is crucial.

  2. Wonderful to be able to group thermostats, or being able to select more than one, and then change set points for all of them.

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Ouch, I just saw that the original post was from 2020, so apparently Wize doesn’t follow these forums or they would have implemented such a basic request.

Suggestion for improving wyze thermostat

Can you add a temperature preview for wyze thermostat in the app such that you can know the current temperature without going into the device ? Just like how the wyze lock shows status (locked/unlocked) immediately when you open the app.


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Strongly support this request, it would make a huge difference in usability.

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Please add the current temperature to the home page. I could then easily scan devices to see that all temps are OK.

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Join the club asking for this. I have 8 zones. And checking all of them is a pain in the ass… This does not seem like too hard of a thing to implement. As a software developer and creator of a few mobile apps myself I don’t see the issue here.

I’ve stopped using the app to view my thermostats. I have them linked in Google home and much easier to control and view status.