Thermostat Show Status of System

I am replacing my existing thermostat with the Wyze one. On the App the old one would show the status of the system, “Idle, Heating, Cooling, Fan on”. This would be nice to have on the wye one.

  • Thermostat needs status ‘icon’ on home screen. Not a functioning on/off switch but show current temp and status icon showing what it is doing like Fan, Heat, Cool.

  • Thermostat fan only needs to be tied to automation and schedule. For instance, if 1st floor is running heat, turn on fan only on 2nd floor. Without this feature, normal automation will cause 2nd floor to think it’s too hot and run A/C. Those that are in the room will freeze to death. The only solution is to have fan only to circulate warm air that came from 1st floor. Fan cycle function is not schedule/triggger based so it doesn’t help nor save energy. I bought these thinking it was full automation but now I’m having to toggle manually like I had to with dumb ones but remotely.

  • All devices, even the sprinkler, should have status icon at the home screen.

Show Thermostat Status
When listing thermostats in device listings, show current status information like that shown below. Status would show Heating, Cooling, or Idle.

Better still would be a new page where the mode (temperature also?) of all thermostats could be set as a group.