Temp display on Thermostat

Just got my Thermostat today and eagerly installed it. Seems to be working fine. My question: Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing to keep the temp displayed constantly on the unit? I like to see the temp whenever without having to approach it or open the app. Thanks.

This isn’t currently a setting for this. Having the motion sensor to turn on the screen saves energy and may help the life of the screen too. You could add this idea to the #wishlist.

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Well that’s silly, in my opinion. The energy trade-off is minimal and it’s not a battery powered device. It’s like having a clock that doesn’t display the time. Wyze makes awfully weird choices.

Seeing if I can bump this topic back up on the list. Why have so many users asked for always on display and Wyze has zero response? Not even a mention of beta or any hint that they give two flying craps about what users want.

I’m at a breaking point with Wyze after investing in this many devices. It’s almost time to jump ship with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up.

It would be understandable if they were using an OLED display, but at this price point, I expect it is LCD.

It would also be understandable if a thermostat were normally in a person’s bedroom, but that isn’t the case, either.

I have to wonder if one of the engineers is someone that has a strong belief in “no lights after bedtime”, and didn’t believe people even should have one in the hall. :thinking:

I have inexpensive battery powered LCD thermostats from Honeywell. (I have only 2 wires and don’t like the alternatives.) It displays room temperature all the time. And on demand it will provide a backlight.

It’s a freaking thermostat. One would think showing the room temperature would be basic table stakes!

I guess Wyze chose form over function…

Exactly. I was all onboard with Wyze… thermostat, vacuum, 2 cameras, color lights, scale, etc…

Now, most of them operate 50/50 and most also haven’t had updates in some time. To me, that is Wyze putting out crap products, and once people buy them, they don’t spend the salary or R&D to keep them going and improve them.

2 1/2 years later since this thread and Wyze still refuses to listen to their customers…

Always innovating… to sell you the next inferior product… and never addressing the needs of their customers.

Since the dawn of time… every thermostat known to man has ALWAYS displayed the temperature without the need to perform a circus dance in front of it.

Pathetic… I thought the cams were bad and unreliable… now the thermostat is, too.

I’m switching back to a Honeywell Home brand. I’m not so lazy that I can’t just flip the switch on and off when needed.

Peace out Wyze!!!

this is the last device I need to remove from my home that’s unreliable and then I’m finally free of DUMB HOME devices. :+1:t4: