Thermostat - Proximity Sensor Not Working on Display?

I got my two preordered Wyze Thermostats late last week and set them up Friday. I am super impressed with what Wyze has done here for this price! Everything is working great except for one thing: one of my units doesn’t wake up when I approach it. Sometimes it will wake up when my hand is an inch away from it, and other times I have to rotate the dial to wake the screen up. The other unit does not have this problem. It seems to wake up if I walk in front of it from 15 feet away. Any thoughts here? Maybe a bad proximity sensor?
Any recourse?

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My thermostat doesn’t wake up either. I didn’t know it was supposed to until I read this post.

Did you forget to take the tape off of it? This blocks the sensor.

I took the screen protector off the entire face of the unit. Didn’t see a second one anywhere. Did the same on both units.

There should be protector tape on the knob and the screen

Thanks. I double checked. There’s nothing there.

Yes I took the screen protectors off. If I wave my hand vigorously directly in front of it, it turns on. Seems as though it’s a sensitivity issue or perhaps the sensor is misaligned?