Thermostat Fail on 1st try

Followed the directions. I’m rather mechanical, but not an electrician or HVAC guy.
At first I was confused that I had a C-wire on the unit, but not the thermostat.
I guess that is not unusual.
It is about a 10 year old Amana gas furnace & AC.
Anyhow, I have pics of the before wiring:

Now the after wiring:

Get no power to the Wyze therm.
The furnace sounds to initially power up, get a click, at the furnace, then a red light comes on and silence.

Again, nothing on the Wyze therm.

Everything looks ok to me, If you haven’t already I would try rechecking all the connections are tight, reset the wyze thermostat(hold down the button) and breakers.

So, to avoid getting in trouble [getting cold tonight]…I’ve reversed everything I did and put the old unit back in.
I notice that, with the old unit triggering the heat on, the unit did the same thing: made noise, clicked red light, then a moment later it kicked on. Your suggestion to reset the Wyze therm may be the solution [triggering the heat].
Until I put the old unit back in, I thought the red light was a fault light…apparently not.

I turned the button, but didn’t press it.
May give it another try tomorrow.

In your setup it should work. But sometimes it might take many tries to reset the device. Push and HOLD the button the reset when the screen comes up. Delete the thermostat and reinstall from new, skip the parts you have all ready done. If the App does not find your thermostat reset it and hold the phone next to it. keep doing it until if finally takes it. It might take a dozen tries but it will happen if you keep trying! I think there is a bug.

Is the button to which you refer, the primary “big” button?
Is it required for the phone to stay connected/available to the therm the whole time? If so, this may be part of the problem as I have to walk out of the house to the crawl space and back when putting the c-wire adapter on.
Will the screen at least light up, even if not properly connected to the app?

Based on your Wyze thermostat wiring photo above the thermostat will never turn on. You have the green fan control wire connected to the C-wire terminal on the thermostat and nothing on the fan control terminal. Move the green wire to the “G” terminal.

Hmm, the app said to label terminal G,G1 as C, which would then have me plug G into C.

I guess 3rd time is a charm. I connected everything again (3rd time by memory) and the therm powered up. I just finished the test and all is working.
I’m more than happy to be a beta tester…but I generally like to sign up for that.

A few things in the setup that are worth addressing:
What does W do?
Beats the eF out of me.
The fuel choices don’t really help, but I did guess heat and was correct. Why does the system presume I have a radiator?
Forced air (gas) heat + AC.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d think this is the overwhelming majority of system.

[edit] I want to make sure I’m clear here. I connected all wires that same as in the above pics. What I did do differently: I wired everything by memory, didn’t fire up the app until I saw I had power to the therm. Then I cranked up the app and it all moved along nicely. The point being, maybe since returning power to the system takes a few minutes, maybe that time delay was part of the problem? I don’t know.

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Just installed the second therm. No c-wire adapter needed for this one.
I would say the approx 30 install time fits a no c-wire adapter installation.
I’d conservatively double that if the c-wire adapter is needed.