Thermostat disconnected from Google Wifi

I had problems last night with my Wyze thermostat connecting to my network. when i set it up 3 months ago i had an airport extreme and the process went really well. A week ago i updated to Google Wifi with a few mesh Nest points. I made the SSID the same so that most of our devices would connect seamlessly and it worked for the most everything other than my Wyze V3 cameras. My thermostat worked fine for a week and then showed offline. I was able to use it manually but i decided to try to reset it and install from scratch. It works fine up until the last step titled “finishing Setup”. After an hour i decided to disconnect all my google wifi points and setup my previous airport extreme, and i am still having the same problem. I have ‘factory reset’ my thermostat several times. Any advice?

TLDR: Thermostat not working after switching to google wifi. Tried switching back to existing wifi(Apple airport) getting to same setup step before failing