Thermostat Arrived with TWO ( Rh W1 W2 * C ) Need Help for Work Around or Is it a Goner?

What am I suppose to do with this manufacturing error? Is there a fix for this or do I need Wyze to send me a properly manufactured thermostat?

New user so can’t embed two photos, which the 2nd would be my current setup

You can contact support for a replacement, your other option is relabeling. The bottom row is correct, the top row (the ones directly below the blue level bubble) are wrong, they should be, from left to right, Rc, Y1, Y2, O/B, G

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I was hoping the internals would work the same and are different labels. Thank you @WyzeJasonJ

Jason, can I bother your brain for the proper wiring from my current wiring setup or do I ask the forum?

Well, that would be confusing to setup.
Your wires, from left to right are:
G (green)
O (white)
Y (yellow)
R (red)
C (blue)

Sorry for my delayed response, did you get this hooked up?


Thanks for checking on me. I spent way too long trying to get the unit to power on and cussed up a storm. Yesterday, it dawned on me that perhaps the wires connected to the old thermostat were never correct. 1950 house, package unit on roof. I had some photos from last summer I pulled up and think I found the issue. The common wire (blue, wrapped around brown) looks to be free as can be up on the roof. Thinking I need to hook up the extra C device and all should work. Thoughts?

Do you have the model number of your package unit?
If not, you’ll need to look at those wires to see which one has a C on it, strip it back and attach the blue thermostat wire that is coiled around the thermostat wire to it with a wire nut. Don’t just assume the blue wire coming out of the package unit is common, different manufacturers have different color codes. Luckily, those wires appear to be labeled.

Trane 1400 variable speed

Blue should be common then.

It was a good guess:) I’ll get up top tomorrow and give it a try and will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for checking in on me. Mike

@speadie Success. Thank you for your time and help. Blue to blue on roof top unit, couple of resets and bingo, heat and cool. Without your help I would be using my old thermostat and sending the new one back. Thanks again