Wyze Thermostat Wiring error

Hi, I am trying to install the new thermostat but I am stuck on the incorrect wiring screen. I have inserted the wires as far as it can possibly go and multiple times too but to no use.

Uploading the photo from my old thermostat and it’s pretty straight forward.

Also the wires that it says is missing in wyze is there but not able to detect for some reason

Can someone pls help

A picture of the stat wires and a picture of the furnace board where the stat wires are connected could help.

Here are wiring photos from old and new thermostat

New wiring on wyze

Do you have a voltmeter? If so test for voltage between R and Y you should have 24 volts or more then test between R and G you should have 24 volts or more

Is it just me or does it look like y and g may be touching because of the exposed wire

I thought about that too but it got exposed after removing and inserting atleast 20 times. Believe me it wasn’t like that when I started.

I don’t have a voltmeter to check but my last option is to check on the furnance if everything is right.

I would recommend the multimeter as well. U can pick one up for $15 usually

Your wires are not pushed up all the way. It helps if you have a pair of needle nose plies, press the tab down, then grave the wire and make sure its up there far enough.

Thanks for the suggestion but I already used the needle nose pliers to push it completely in. That’s why the sleeve is stripped from removing and inserting so many times.

Also you can see that the lever is completely down so I believe it’s as far as it can go in, Pretty sure it can’t go in further