The Wyze 44 watch is a misrepresentation

The Wyze watch is sadly misrepresented on your web page. First the picture at the top of the page on the new watches shows a beautiful picture of a watch face… it looks like a real watch with watch hands and a beautifully number dial. Guess what, the picture does not represent what you get as available watch faces when you receive the watch. The watch faces with a real dials that you get are missing from the available watch face selections, once you look into the watches settings. That’s a misrepresentation by omission.

Secondly, Wyze said nothing about the incompatibility with the i-Phone… I re-read the descriptions and it’s just not there. Leaving that out reduces the value of the watch to anyone with an Apple phone. It may sell the watch better, but it cheats hopeful iPhone users and reduces the integrity of a company that has here-to-fore, shown extraordinary interest in providing it’s customers with high tech devices at reasonable prices that meet their needs. The lie of omission meets no customer needs, I am very disappointed and will write Wyze off my buy list from this point further. What has Wyze accomplished by these misrepresentations?

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Can you tell me more of this incompatibility, I do not use iPhone so I am unaware of it

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Hardly fair. It doesn’t run WearOS so it’s not very Android compatible either.

The watch is definitely compatible with Apple products because I am using my watches with no issues.
Is your Wyze app updated?
What specifically is the the issue you’re encountering?


I got the 47 since almost day one. Works perfectly with iPhone 12. Syncs quickly and receive notifications perfectly. I do keep wyze app open in background.

Only complaint is the fugly watch faces, embarrassment.

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My watch gives no notifications from my iPhone at all.


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Have you allowed notifications in the Settings on your Iphone for the Wyze app:

Settings/Notifications/(scroll to the Wyze App)/Allow Notifications

and also allowed notifications in the Wyze App itself for the watch:

App Home Screen/ Wyze Watch 44/ Settings/ Notifications/Allow Notifications.

My watch works well with my Iphone 7+.

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Thanks for the advice, yes and have opened up all the appropriate notifications. I have the iPhone 12 mini.


My watch will not give notifications for anything but phone calls on my Pixel 5, and I have all required notification access enabled.

This Watch 44 is pathetic.

I also owe Wyze this additional comment. I was able to get some notification in the Watch 44. Found out by experimentation, that the watch will receive standard notifications, however the notifications do not show up automatically as they do with the Wyze Band. They must be viewed by pressing the crown. Even so, I feel this is an inconvenience. Further, it has been my experience, that if the watch has gone asleep, tapping the screen does not bring up the watch face. To bring up the watch face one must click the crown, also an inconvenience.


My experience:

  • the “beautiful” watch face is included on the 44 (see photo); you install additional faces via the app
  • it also allows a photo face (see mine w/ my dogs)
  • it does work with iPhone; the app loads and connects

BUT…there are issues!

  • loses Bluetooth connectivity even when right next to phone (affects syncing, weather updates, notifications)
  • notifications are hit or miss; came in continuously my first night but now never appear
  • run mileage is off: I run 4.3 miles every day; when I ran half, 2.15 miles, yesterday it only read 1.95 miles. This for a manual start/stop activity
  • sleep tracking isn’t accurate: I wore it to bed the last 2 nights and it was correct the first night but said I’d only slept 5.75 hours last night when it was actually 6.75 hrs.
  • froze on me twice: couldn’t force it to restart, even by holding crown in. It eventually rebooted on its own 20 minutes later.

I’m hoping updates will improve it, but it’s currently more of a toy than an accurate and reliable fitness tracker.


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Got my 44 the other day, here are my observations. I’m trying to like it but there are some key areas that need attention.

For context, I’m using android and I’m a long time mi band user (currently have the mi band 4)

  • Disconnects a lot, did I miss notifications? Or did I just not feel it? Seems like everytime I open the app and go to the watch it says “Reconnecting…”
  • No smart lock support
  • Screen on-time can’t be controlled
  • Very small selection of usable watch faces and other than using a picture no way to build your own.
  • I’d like to change the order or hide the applications (Activity, Sports, etc…)
  • The should make the persistent notification icon in android different from the standard “wyze” notification.
  • The display doesn’t reset to the clock face. If the last thing I used was shortcuts, when I raise my wrist I can’t see the time, I have to push the side button.
  • Why does every notification say “Other Apps”? Even one from a wyze cam.

So it doesn’t come off as just complaining, there are pros too:

  • Turning lights on and off from my wrist is cool, would be even better if it was a toggle (on/off) and not two shortcuts (one on, the other off)
  • comfortable
  • the steps and heart rate seem accurate
  • The screen is good, was skeptical since it isn’t oled.

FYI - My wife and I both have Wyze Watches 47mm, and get notices for text messages and phone call alerts from our iPhone (XR).

I received my Wyze watch 44mm yesterday. I have an iPhone Xs Max. It paired quickly and the scrolling action seems smooth. When I get a phone call, it shows up on the main screen with the ability to hang up. Any notifications or text messages do not appear on the main screen but I have to scroll down to see them. Sometimes they do not appear. The vibrate notification is so faint I don’t always feel it.

Just got mine and I had issues with the messages not coming through too at first. Found that I had to go to “other applications” and choose messages there… apparently they differentiate between text messages and the messages app.

I have both the 44,47 and they both work fine on my iPhone 8 Plus