Synching with my Iphone continual problems plus poor weather info

Well the 44 has been a constant sync problem with my IPHONE since I received it. Yes I follow the troubleshooting steps daily or more often but this is an obvious pain. Not to mention the weather info periodically is way off. Plus it uses my Iphone battery in the background way too much that the only way to reduce it was to not get notified of calls. I created a log of the connectivity issue and also tried to email support but get caught in a loop regarding did I try this or that (yes) but it will not allow me to send the email. I wonder if the people who work there actually wear one of these watches and then they might see the problems everybody is having rather than gleefully guessing. I will pass for now regarding purchasing any further products from Wyze as their reliability has gone downhill since the cameras, which are excellent.