The Camera Mount/stand will de-solve if you put 409 on it

This might be useful to prevent a problem. Do not do what I was doing.

Bottom line: The plastic V3 camera mount will de-solve if it encounters 409.
And you can recover the bar code label from the bottom of the mount because its a flexible film like paper.

I have a V3 wrapped in blue painter’s tape and painted to match the house. I have it installed on a porch, out of wet weather. I have black house ants on the porch marching back and forth. So, I often out out with a fine point spray bottle go out and drown the ants. Never expected this problem, and too many times, the wet liquid ran down the wall and could land on the plastic of the mount. This weekend, I found the camera hanging by the cable.

First I thought someone had swatted the camera and broke it off. Nope, viewed all footage. Removed the camera, and the mount just crumbles apart. The plastic is so soft it just breaks into small parts. The plastic is sticky from the 409. Now I know not to spray that stuff near the camera.

As you know there’s no spare parts we can order. And I am not going to throw away a V3 just because the mounts ruined. I took the mount off one of my others that sits flat anyway. Swapped them and the bar code label back to the flat one.

The sit flat one had a big cut of Velcro on the base where the label was. I had zero hope of getting that label off the gluey side of the Velcro. But, that label (thank you Wyze!!), is not paper, its flexible film paper, and with some steady yanking come off and is still easy to read. As you know we need that bar code to add the camera back to the account.


Wow, that is amazing. I would not have guessed this would happen. Thanks for posting.

You can possible unscrew the screw in the bottom and connect a new mount using the standard thread. I did that at my in-laws. These are the mounts I am talking about:



That looks like a great replacement. Do you have an Amazon link for those?
What would we call them to search? Maybe camera stand. I’m asking for myself and others, not as lame as I.

searched camera mount and found this one on Amzon


I had the same experience spray painting the camera house with alu/zinc paint. A few minutes after spraying was done and while drying the camera simply fell of its mount. The mount was partly desolved and crumbled. Never the less the camera housing survived fine. So be careful painting your camera. Does anyone know of grey/metal look silicon covers ? They exist in white, black and transparent .

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