New Router And Two Cameras Won't Re-install

Finally got my new router all up and running.

Now two different cameras are refusing to work with it.

Cam V3 and a Cam OG Tele

With the V3 it won’t let me scan the QR code unless it’s in the darkest recesses of under my desk. Once it’s set up I have to unplug it, carry it outside and up the 20 foot ladder and put it back.

Well, because I have to unplug it and take it back outside the camera refuses to re-connect.

I can not stand on that ladder trying to scan the code, the camera won’t see the code in broad daylight and it’s dangerous, I’m too old for that nonsense

On the OG Tele once I finally get the code scanned it eventually times out saying there’s either a blue tooth error or network time-out or flat out pairing failure. It fluctuates between the two errors.

All my other cameras have been working great :slight_smile:

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

You would not come here and post if you were not desperate for some ideas.

Maybe the distance from your router to the target location of the V3 is just too far for WiFi.
What is that distance? Anything such as shroud of an outside porch lamp, or metal plate/box between it and the router?

Are you running a mesh router, or simply one of the routers? If yes, to mesh, I encourage you to at least for a test, move the secondary node mesh router closer to the V3 target location and try then to connect the V3. Possible?

And just a strange thought, but your old router maybe with same WiFi SSID name is the same as the new router, and the old one is preventing the V3 from connecting? Had to ask, just to rule it out of the way.


Man, I’ve been wracking my brains out all day yesterday and your post reminded me to UNPLUG the old router!

Having the old router still plugged in cause mayhem in the WiFi signals.

Sometimes the hardest problems require the simplest solutions lol

Thank you very much!

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