Cam v3 will not setup on new router

I’ve had 4 v3 cams working for a year. My router went down so I have to add them all back using the new router. Two of cams FINALLY connected. The other two just won’t recognize the QR code.
I’ve cleaned the cam lenses and phone.
Pushed setup button for 10 seconds to reset cams.
Pushed setup button and got “Ready to connect” (Annoying after the first hour!)
Held steady for 5 seconds in 1/4" increments from 3 to 7" on an Iphone 5se
Angled screen multiple ways.
Tried in light room, dark room, under table, between legs, etc
Been at it for 3 hours on the two non-functioning cams.
The two that did connect took an hour and several attempts.
My arms are tired.
Any ideas?

Is it saying it’s failing to connect, or just it won’t scan the code?

Try printing the QR code out of you cam, that usually works very well

When the QR code is displayed, try placing your phone flat on a light surface (preferably white like a plain white t-shirt on a desk/table). Hold the cam over the phone and slowly pull the cam away from the phone and back. Also, make sure the entre QR code is visible. Depending on zoom/scaling settings, you may have to scroll up a bit or reduce zoom/scale to get the entire QR code visible.


Seapup, that worked! I didn’t realize that the cam had to be 10" away from a 4" screen to pick up the entire QR. Plus, much easier on the arms. Thanks!


Glad to hear it worked! :+1: I found that gem while setting up my new black v3 cams from an iPhone. I know it seems strange, but that was the only method that got the QR code scanned short of using an Android phone which read the code from any distance with any background.

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I know that your issue from above was solved, but I wanted to let you know that if you do have to replace or change routers again in the future, If you set the SSID and the Password in the new router identical to the old one, your devices will never know you upgraded the mothership and will log in as if nothing ever happened. No reinstalls or setups needed.

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Good to know. Thank you.

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