The Cam Plus website for viewing your cams (Web View)

Should be fixed now. Sorry all.


I’ve been doing this for a long time to get 4 cams on the screen in landscape view - I thought this was how everyone did it.

Spotty last night, cams freezing, etc. But all appears to be working now. Chrome and Edge both.

My cameras are back to disconnecting this morning. It started earlier with a disconnection once in a while, and now they won’t stay connected at all. I refresh, they reconnect, and almost immediately disconnect again.

Someone mentioned weak or spotty power supplies may be making disconnections so I installed a 120v duplex outlet with 2 built in USB ports for 1 of my cams. It did not completely fix my dropping issue, but it does seem to be better. My app does not have auto update capabilities so I may see it the new hot fix is available to download yet.

Mine are hardwired, floodlight pro’s.

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I don’t know if anything has been done in the last 4 days, but my V3 pro camera is working as it should, I haven’t changed anything and I even restarted it a few times to see if it would work well or not, so I’m pleasantly surprised by the stability of this unit over the last few days. 4 days. Thanks !


Glad to hear it! I have a new cam pan v3 and a Wyze Cam Outdoor running strong for 2 years. great quality picture.

The only plus the App interface gets from me is that it loads fast. The newer Pan Cam v3 loads within a few seconds. The Outdoor has always taken 10 seconds to be live.

With all the stupid Cam Plus, Cam Pro, Cam Pro Lite? Then there is Home Monitoring, then Sprinklers. With all the charges going in i would like to suggest they rework and merge all their cams into a single interface. ONE screen, multiple cams, same interface. Its like to me a Wyze cam is a Wyze cam. The apps user interface, whether one cam or 5 cams, showing me live one cam on my screen or all 5 cams at the same time!

I honestly don’t have a clue what is going in at the Wyze tech and programming and marketing departments. but my math has always been good and i will take an educated guess that they got overwhelmed in all departments and released a product that isn’t thought out quite right.

One last gripe…

How many more versions and/or products can Wyze offer consumers that contain the word ‘Cam’ in it? The only thing their cams have in common are their names!

anywho… i know i am not the inly one that finds the product is ok. its the App that sucks. it is geared towards marketing, and selling more products. The Shop part of the Wyze App would be better if they would group the items that go with each other together. ie: Light Socket should be available as an Accesory under the only 2 cams it works with. So many damn Cams versions I can’t keep them all straight!
say Cam Pan v3 three times as fast as you can!

thanks for reading!


here’s a space where we can add these great suggestions and/or vote on the current ones, there are many interesting ones

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I have three Wyze cams at home and am considering purchasing one for my office. I just need something to point at the door so we know who is coming and going which means the web portal is vital (there are 4 of us monitoring the door). After reading this thread, I think the responsiveness of the Wyze Team means that even if the web portal isn’t perfect, its Wyze’s goal to get there. It also seems that many of the bugs noted in the first post in 11/2023 have been worked out.
I’d be interested to hear any dissenting opinions. TIA

You might consider putting the work camera on a separate Wyze account. Everybody at your work could be logged into the App and get Person notifications.

I was an early adopter of Wyze cameras. Like many, many others, I went all in hoping to one day be able to view my cameras on the the web. The first version of web view was released on November 23rd, 2021. It has never worked. It was been Wyze’s goal “to get there” since probably 2018. The latest version was a slight improvement, but still nowhere near the dependability for something like you mention (watching a door in your office). I’ve sent logs, called customer service, emailed, router this, ISP that, unplug them, use chrome, use edge, try incognito mode, etc… etc…and I am still in the exact same place I was 3 years ago. Except, I’m out a couple hundred dollars for Cam+ subscriptions to be able to view cameras on the web that I’ve never been able to view for more than a few minutes at a time. I still have ALL the same issues I had since the first post about the “new” web portal in November 2023. I finally resigned myself to the fact I will probably never be able to reliably view any of my 13 cameras on the web with Wyze. I would highly recommend that you purchase a more dependable product for something so important.

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The Edge (and Chrome) browser “Show Controls” no longer work.

When trying to use the browser “Show Controls” feature I now get disconnected - “Web Connection Failed”.

Previously, when using Show Controls, the browser window/view would expand into a true Full Screen view.

The Show Controls Disconnect error/bug started a few weeks ago.

To duplicate the new error/bug
With Edge/Chrome viewing Web Live >

!)Right click on (inside) live web page
2)Left click on “Show Controls” (Show All Controls in Chrome)
3)Left click again on(inside) live web page.

Previously this sequence of mouse clicks would expand the web page into a true Full Screen view.
Today, the sequence of mouse clicks disconnects the browser.

Hopefully Wyze fixes this new bug as I often used the Full Screen feature that “Show Controls” gave me.
Show Controls

After my post above, I discovered SHOW CONTROLS continues to work correctly when replaying an Event video.

After enabling SHOW CONTROLS in an Event video, and next left clicking on the Event video , the window correctly expands to Full Screen.

The bug/error only occurs with the real-time Live/Web view browser.

I have relocated your posts to this thread so Wyze eyes can be put on it faster. @WyzeSeth is staying on top of the Web view issues. Thanks!

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Some people may be using the “Yet another autoplay blocker” plugin or something similar in Chrome, this disables autoplay, so your videos may not be displayed