Connectivity issues

This is my second Wyze cam. The first was bricked after applying the firmware update. Both cameras have been extremely problematic when it comes to connectivity. Sometimes I can open the app and begin viewing my live feed without an issues, but quite often this is just not the case. More often than not it takes multiple attempts before I’m able to connect. I have 3 Nest cams in my home and they all work perfectly. I was hoping to make the switch from Nest to Wyze because of the local storage and MUCH lower price point.

As someone involved in beta and alpha testing, I can say that I am seeing good improvements in connectivity in the newer (but not yet public) releases. So there is hope. You might want to consider joining the beta program to get to the forefront of the improvements sooner:


Hey Rick, regarding the link you embedded above … notice that although the link functions properly, it left remnants (screen elements) of the web site beneath it, even overlaying into the subsequent post. This was happening to me as well until I started using the link symbol in the comment toolbar to paste an URL. Hope that made sense!

Yeah, I see that now. I’ll edit it. Something else they need to fix on the forum.

We are aware of connectivity issues and are actively working on them. If you want to email and have a tech help troubleshoot with you it helps us gather more information on what is happening, thanks!