The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities

…and you haven’t even mentioned having cams in distant locations, the back 40, different cities or that it might be really nasty weather out on the pier by the osprey nest when you need to retrieve a video before it gets overwritten…

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Did you do the Wyze App Survey (Viewing Videos in App) ?

“Hey Wyze users, we would love to hear from you! We are conducting a survey to learn more about how you are using the Wyze app to view video clips. This survey will take about 5 minutes or less complete …”

At the end of the survey they specifically ask what feature you want to see next. Downloading videos from the camera over the network to your computer without needing to physically remove the micro-SD card along with your other wishes would be nice features to suggest,

Regarding ability to ignore momentary events, can’t you adjust the motion sensitivity? We set it to be less sensitive and now we no longer receive alerts / events when the cat stretches and lies down again. If a person enters the room and moves around, that still gets recorded and we get an alert.

A wasp dive bombing the lens twice in 2 seconds is detected as significant motion, occupying the whole field of view. But it is momentary and should be ignored. Nothing in the current settings allows this (as far as I know).

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Absolutely! :grinning: I voted early and often. :grinning:

Yes, and it’s a balancing act with mixed results so far.

Most of our cams look outside where I want to know about incoming vehicles as soon as they arrive ( 100’ or more away if possible - as they come down the lane - this is our primary goal for the cams ) but at the same time a lot of songbirds and large insects frequently fly close up and right in front of the cams. So the objects I am most concerned about often appear to be the same size as the irrelevant objects, but the objects I care about tend to stay in frame for a much longer time.

I know this use is stretching the design limits of the cams, but it won’t stop me from trying. :slightly_smiling_face:

No fair! You type faster than I do and are more succinct! :wink:

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I’ll partially disagree. I’d rather be “over-notified”, rather than be “under-notified” … here’s my reliable 3am notification from the gecko


I have AT&T cellular and an iPhone. I have no problem accessing my cameras from others’ WiFi networks nor from my AT&T cellular network. I use an eero Pro mesh network at home, with two dozen devices connected to the gateway and four beacons.

When on my own WiFi network, I connect to my cameras often enough that if I say “99% of the time” colloquially, I wouldn’t be far off from actual. (I just tested connecting to my four cameras. All four connected on their first attempts.)

I have no problem accessing footage from previous days. The cameras stay connected, again, “99% of the time.” I will say the app interface to “View Playback” is not very user-friendly. It needs re-thinking, including the ability to FF, REW, and play at speeds higher than 100%, IMO.

Mine don’t suck, mine aren’t unreliable, and at twenty bucks a pop (or whatever), they’re the best value on the market for what they do, IMO.

I’m not saying your experiences aren’t legitimate. I’m only saying that my experiences are, for the most part, diametrically opposite yours.

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FWIW, I run a VPN on my AT&T iPhone, and I have no problems accessing the cameras or the playback videos when I’m out in the wild using AT&T’s cell network. Again, just FYI.

Great photo! Can feel the night air! Almost surprised that @peepeep hasn’t put a song to it yet. :slightly_smiling_face: But, yeah, we’re more in agreement than disagreement about leaning toward over-notification. I can live with an awful lot of false positives, and, yes, any false negative misses are real killers. :rage: But every so often it would be nice to have just a little less over-notification, especially since the neighbor has recently set up three bee hives… :smile:


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The Gecko Song. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve not had any of the problems listed here. I went back to Spectrum after trying ATT for a year but had no problems with the Wyze cameras then either. I also have Netgear Arlo cameras and the Wyze cameras are a thousand percent better than the useless Arlo cameras. And, instead of hundreds of dollars they cost $25. Why would my experience be so different? It seems like setup is the only answer.

A friend installed several outdoor security cameras and lights as a DIY project. I suggested he mount the above-the-garage-door camera and the side-of-house camera away from the lights and point them down and towards the area illuminated by the lights. He chose to mount them next to the lights instead. As a result, he got dozens of alerts throughout every night almost all of which were insects. Eventually, he moved the cameras further from the lights and now receives far fewer alerts with buzzing moths or other insects.

I have a similar experience that frustrates me. Ive had the wyze pan for over a year now and never had problems until recently this year.

The wyze pan is mounted on a window inside my house looking out into my lot, had it there 80% of ownership. Now its not reading my sd card and when it does it stops reading it and resets the card in about three days or less of use. When it resets, all playback is deleted and I have to manually reset and forceclose for the app to read it again.

Not a camera I recommend if security is important

Kind of funny that one of the people saying AT&T is fine then says that he or she uses a VPN across it (negating any possible negative effect of any theoretical application aware throttling). No idea if there’s really any problem with AT&T and Wyze though.

Yeah that’s why I have kind of given up on using the Wyze SD cards. :frowning:

Wyze Cam Pan is not intended to monitor outdoor activity through a window. That’s what outdoor cameras are for. Reflections on the window glass may cause the camera to record constantly. Constant recording generates more heat. More heat and continuous recording lead to early failure of standard SD cards, and sometimes to early failure of the camera’s electronics. (“Extreme” SD cards hold up a lot better if you’re interested). It’s a little bit like using a Toyota Corolla to tow a trailer loaded with rocks up a hill all day, every day. The bigger, tougher, more expensive Tundra truck is the right vehicle for the job. If I didn’t know anything about towing heavy loads I might assume that using the Corolla for heavy work is OK. In the end I would be disappointed with the result in a similar way to your disappointment with the Wyze camera which is basically intended for indoor monitoring and occasional recording. I don’t care which cameras anyone uses, and I know that much more expensive cameras have also received scathing criticism from users who paid 8 times as much for one Arlo Pro 4K cam as you paid for your Wyze. Arlo needed about a year to work out a bunch of kinks (mostly in the software) and provide the kind of service its high-paying users expect. I have a feeling that sooner or later we’ll see new Wyze models which are more robust. I also foresee that they will cost considerably more than $20 - $30 each.

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have you tried a new sd card?
been flying HD drones for years and that is a common issue, sd card just craps out.

Totally agree with Joneli.I had 8 of this camera setup all over my house (inside, outside and basement). Initially i was excited and then i noticed

  1. Wyze cam v2 is not recording continous videos even though SD card is good. When i play the continous recorded video nothing is there to play. Two weeks back i had an incident with the neighbour and i thought is recorded and i started playing the video and nothing is playing.
  2. One of the wyzecam v2 i bought is not sensing motion even when am there right across the camera. Is a brand new camera.
  3. Camera in the front of the house continously records video, but when i get up in the morning i want to check “was there anyone in my front door and any 12 s event recorded” and guess what nadaaaaaaaaa , no event was detected.
  4. Camera in my driveway has a total blue image in the video and events…No freaking idea what that is.

I totally agree with you and this camera cannot be trusted as a SECURITY CAMERA even for monitoring babies or anything. What is the point of camera when it does not work when you want it to work?

The funny part is the customer service…oh god,every time you send a ticket and every email is replied back by someone new and you have to explain everything from start and i asked them to replace 2 of my cams and finally i give up after a month of too and fro email as no one is giving any answer.

If you are from Canada “Do not buy this camera from Amazon”. Wyze only does free shipping inside US…Am not sure then why wyze is promoting amazon to seel it in their site. Amazon only gives 30 day free return (shit happens after 2 months and now you are stuck). A defective product is a defective product. Last time i asked wyze to send 3 replacement cams to my buddies house in US and paid $50 USD to ship to Canada & guess what, 2 of the cameras are again damage…i just give up with wyze.

So i would stay away…once few more is damaged, am going t o throw all in garbage and going to get good security cameras.

As to the aging card theory, my Wyze branded SD cards have been COMPLETELY unreliable in my Wyzecams since the first week I bought them. I gave up trying to get the cameras to remember they had a card in them, and just hope cloud events work.

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Yes, I agree. A Wyze Pan Cam is not the best for security camera. It doesn’t always detect the sound or motion and moves too slow. It sometimes just faces the wall, even though I am moving around in the room, it doesn’t always detect me.