The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities


sounds like it is time for some folks to look a NVR and IP cams since that is what they really want and sem to need.
all the features folks are wishing for are easily had with a nvr at a cost of under 100 and ip cams at 25 to 45 depending upon resolution 2m or 3m etc.

why wish and whine when you can have what you want now…

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You’re right. Thus the gradual exodus.

But many will still very happy with the cams and other products they have that work well for them like myself.

i have 3 cams , all over a year olds and they just work.
as does the band and lock and keypad.

but i also have 1 full NVR and 8 ip cams that just rock and show video like daytime at 3 am in the dark…
Cost for NVR and 8 cams was about 300 total

they both have functions unique to each and together work as a great system

Send them to me if they’re such crap.

I too have to say that my Eero mesh system is really great. I do not have the connectivity issues that I see people talking about. I do not have issues with the app working either which leads me to think some of the app issues people have are maybe related to connections?
Also, while working from home since March I have connected directly to Eero and have not had any issues except when we had storms that messed up work’s VPN.

FWIW I have not noticed anyone actually mentioning what DEVICE they are using to run the APP.

The app will peform differently on different phones and OS’s .

Not all phones can run all apps as well as others,

memory , cpu , etc are all things that will effect the operation of the app.

Example: I have 3 motorola recent phones all quad CPU etc,
yet ONLY 1 is compatible with the app for A new Drone i just bought…
The hardware and menory are different.

maybe this is partly why some have no issues and others constant …

Maybe, but probably not. I have an ancient Android and relatively modern iOS and Android devices running a couple of different app versions. Problems (like this recent 360p degradation) are the same across all of them, but yes I do have more connectivity issues with my VERY old Moto G1.

Wow, are you using a completely different camera than I am? I can connect to my cameras EVERY single time, never had an issue. I have a 3200 square foot house and get perfect wifi signal from 1 side to the other. When I’m at work on cell reception I have NO issue connecting to my cameras. Also, I can review the footage from any event, from any day easily. My GUESS is that you are not paying for the monthly subscription, and that’s why it appears you lose connection but in fact that is the camera entering a powered down cool down mode for 5 minutes. aka the free plan. Also, yes you can fast forward through the footage, there is a slider bar just like if you were watching a youtube video. I have an Android OS so I cannot speak for you if you have something else. I just ordered 5 more of these cameras and love them so far.

Good for you. The problems for many of us started long before the new paid CMC option even existed. (And frankly the forum is littered with CMC issues too; I’ve never tried it.). The whole point of the nifty SD slot is not necessarily needing full time cloud recording.

I have sd cards in all my of my cameras, and once again I have no issue reviewing the content. I am using Samsung 32gb sd cards since I had a couple laying around. Clearly it sounds like you’ve been using the equipment longer than me. But once again I might have a different OS than you. From my experience, anything Apple. Sucks. Unless it’s paired with something else Apple or specifically designed to work with it. Apple doesn’t play nice, and never will. And if you can’t pay -1.50 a month for each important camera. Can’t help you there. You could also take a look at your router for the connectivity issues. I get 1gb download speed, we have fiber optic where I live. It’s a 100 bucks a month, but I split it and it’s close to the best internet speed you can get in the country.

Nope, mostly Android here, with one iOS phone. Fiber optic Internet direct to the home. Residential community, strong WiFi to my router. Implying people are too cheap is not a good look (and frankly something an Apple user would say Doctor Lecter). :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response.
but you can not speak for ALL the folks with the issue about connectivity and how the app works or doesnt work for THEM.

IOS will work differntly than Adroid and android 10 may work different than android 7 or 8 etc.
A phone with 4 gig memory will run far faster and more apps at once than one with1 or 2 gig etc…

The device is critical to the app and how it works
some just are better than others …

The app will perform better on many devices and less well on others.
Just because it may not be applicable to you doesn’t mean much in the total picture.

Lol, I wouldn’t know. I don’t follow Apple, I’ve only had the IPhone4 from them back in the day because of work. It was a nightmare. And its not about being cheap, its understanding the limitations of your current devices, like your router, or your phone, or the lack of the CMC plan. If you expect more, you’ll have to pay, a lot more until you find a healthy balance of what you want. I personally do not like the 5 minute cooldown, so I got the new CMC plan. In my opinion, security is important, I care about the safety of my wife and son in my house. Cameras themselves act as a deterrent. If they decide to ignore them, then they have 3 pure bred Akitas to deal with next. And then guns. I was just explaining my situation of what I have and how it is working perfectly for me because if you copied my setup, you might not have anymore issues. But I’m not telling you to do so, I was offering information. My phone is an S10+ with 8gb of ram also. As for my router I’d have to look when I get home.

Actually he is speaking about his own hardware and experience.


I get this message fairly often when trying to view an ecent.

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LOL I get that more often too.Fun part is you want to see what happened and you go back and check the clip and we get this message :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never seen that message.
Access to my cameras from anywhere is excellent, except for one cam with a very weak signal.

I will say, initial setup of a camera needs to be improved.
I setup my original 4 cams over a year ago.
I just setup 4 more at an office location.
After the first one didn’t connect, then showed up fine a few minutes later, I remembered initial setup is lacking.
But, after remembering this, I just waited a few minutes after the failed setup message, and all was good.

On playback, a fast forward is only logical.
I can’t figure out why that doesn’t exist.

I have the same ISP and service package so let me share my recent shenanigans with Spectrum. I had been having very sketchy web connectivity For everything since late last year. I have a Fing Box which gives me analytics and 6 speed tests a day. 2 to 10 minute drop outs were common. And if I did t pwr cycle the modem daily web speeds would drop down to a high latency ~90mbps DL and 5~7 mbpsUL. After my 5th complaint in as many months one tech was like “oh you have an older modem that’s not compatible with your recently updated local hub“. A week later I had their claimed latest gen modem with a self install kit. The install turned out to be everything but self installing but once it was activated my 400 service has Been much more stable drop out wise (a few now and then late at night) and speeds now fluctuated consistently between 390 and 440mbps.

Also, I use the spectrum provided combo Gig/Wifi router and 2 basic netgear satellite APs to Fully cover my home area. Aside from the above problems I found early on that the Wyze app on my iPhone 7plus was inconsistent when I was on my 5g WiFi. If I switched over to the home 2.4g the apps connectivity to the cams was much better.

And lastly I’m in a crowded WiFi area and suffered a lot of inconsistencies with the cams as well as all my smart home devises until I did a channel survey and found my router was set by default to one of the most crowded channels. I manually set it to more open channels and all my WiFi devises have since been relatively rock solid connection wize.

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It does exist. Its at the bottom middle when playing back a recorded event. You just slide that bar like you would on YouTube.