The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities

This a you problem haha, I don’t have any of these problems. I was at work on LTE watching my camera and I used the 2 way communication mic to talk to someone through the camera just fine.

The Cam Pan is not $20 and it breaks down more times than the cheaper one Wyze Cam.

The SD card slot does not recognize the cards after a few months or right away, so events can’t be recorded. I s always set it to record Events only mode.

Wyze tried to blame the main cause to the firmware update, affecting the camera to work properly.

I don’t understand why AT&T would need to authenticate your camera. I have AT&T and I don’t that issue. It’s more from Cox Cable with internet connection and the router.

The Cam Pan cameras seem to have a hard time with the SD card slot. I have given up on them. They are supposed to be sending me a new Wyze Cam 2v. We will see.

Many camera’s have what is called a cool down period after being set off by motion. Cool down is the term where the camera ignores further motion. The purpose is to keep you from being inundated by multiple alerts for the same object or movement and to save cloud storage space. Each camera vendor has their own cool down period. Some allow adjustments to that frequency of alerts and recordings. I think the Wyze cool down is 5 minutes. There is a purchasable feature that will extend record time to the cloud as long as the motion stays in the camera’s range. You can also set the cam to continuous record if you use the SD card. Once the card is full it will overwrite the oldest recordings. The camera will record multiple one minute segments to the SD card as long as motion is present.

Well yeah, assuming the cameras keep being able to write to the cards. Mine don’t.

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Because the camera is either 40 miles away or 20’ above my driveway.


How is it possible we still can’t ftp or otherwise transfer those files without physically accessing the camera and removing the card? They never added this tiny feature? There’s already a FAT (I think) file system on the card; a little ftp or SMB server is tiny. (I’m fine with taking the camera offline during the transfer.)


Please vote! People have been asking for this since Dec 2018 apparently.

The lack of this feature baffles, angers and frustrates me constantly. I can only imagine that they want to push users toward a pay cloud storage solution…?

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Done, thanks. Vote #910. I searched for ftp and sftp and SAMBA / SMB but didn’t turn up anything promising.

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I would think they should. Wyze requires a Class 10 card which is rated for sustained writing at 10 Mb/s. Problems can occur if your cards have a memory size larger than 32 gig. I’ve not detected any hiccups on my recorded videos.

Yeah I know. I bought and use exclusively Wyze branded SD cards, purchased directly from Wyze when I bought my cameras from Wyze.

They don’t work.

My Cam Pan cameras SD card slot is shot and they don’t recognize a card, not even a brand new Wyze card.

My SD card and SD slot were shot after I downloaded the firmware flash to take care of the offline issue. The offline issue was resolved at theIr expense.

I tried to view the card on the computer using the adaptor. It worked previously to download the firmware but after it was on the camera, it wouldn’t go in the adapter snugly and the computer didn’t see anything from the adapter.

Did the specifications or product information promise that feature? If not, then why criticize it ? Why not just buy a camera that has all the features you want?

Features are tweaked and added all the time. A thousand customers have requested it over two years. On the technical merits it should be nearly trivial to implement. Wyze positions itself as a customer responsive company.

That’s why.

Pulling the “that’s not what it said on the tin” card is very nearly irrelevant for a malleable Internet based service with cameras that are being pushed updates every few weeks.

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Connecting to it will be a horrible experience, IMHO. It’s a web based cam so it needs to go from your home to you ISP and around the world (to where its all hosted) and back. Only way is to use home server based cams.

But the interface for scrubbing through footage needs to be greatly improved. A simple GUI to jump to a certain minute and tag each captured short clip to the timeline may have helped rather than the need to scrub it with your finger and constantly overshooting is a real pain.

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I agree that remotely fast scrubbing the video on the SD card in the cam will always likely be really miserable. But I believe that only the 12 sec clips are hosted in the cloud. My impression was that, once you connect through the app, viewing the SD card continuous or event recording was a direct link between the viewing device and the cam. Still very subject to the quality of your connection though! :frowning:

Yes, I like the idea of quickly accessing those one minute MP4s :slightly_smiling_face:

I criticize in order to be a squeaky wheel for this Wishlist item coming into being. :grinning:

Yes, you are correct that this feature was not promised. The specs on Amazon state: “Continuous recording with local storage - Wyze Cam supports local storage of recordings to a microSD card (sold separately). Play back videos with your Wyze app to solve life’s mysteries. Local Storage - Supports 8GB, 16GB and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format”

It was only my faulty optimistic assumption that there would be an easy way to copy off the recordings to a PC without having to go and physically retrieve the microSD cards, or real time record footage from an often balky stream. It seemed obvious to me that copying the original digital files would be more reliable and produce the best quality.

When I bought my first Wyze cams there were no integrated bulbs, sensors, locks, bands, scales or outdoor cams in the offing. There was no aspirational investor video promising to do for security systems what Ford did with the Model T for cars. And I had not read this forum with a Wishlist of wondrous new features like artificial intelligence person detection (“” or otherwise).

But many of these cool and complex features have come about, while some seemingly basic security camera features like 1) easy video downloading of the MP4’s from the SD cards, 2) more granular detection zones, or 3) ability to ignore momentary events, have not happened yet.

So, yeah, this is also to alert Wyze (I know they peruse these forums) that they risk losing a current & future customer, and advocate for their products, as I am forced to consider other solutions for basic problems I need to solve.

I really like my collection of V2 cams and what they can do for the money, else I wouldn’t be here, but like a peaceful protester, I would also like to see things improve. :slightly_smiling_face:


I forgot to give credit to one recent app improvement that has been the most useful and important to me - the ability to directly jump from a 12 sec clip to that exact spot in the SD card continuous recording. Wow. That makes my life so much easier every day! :grinning: And it’s one thing that gives me hope for future useful features like direct SD card access. :slightly_smiling_face:


At home we use heavy-duty Reynolds Wrap to make our hats. The “quilted” structure makes for better protection. So, why am I still hearing the voices?

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I have one cam up in the hayloft … what, you’re suggesting I should break out the ladder, climb up and down (twice) to grab some video?
Or the other cams up high over the stalls … again, i need to now move the ladder to three other locations and go up and down, TWICE. to retrieve the card and then reinstall it just to get video?
Oh yea. and then I have to stitch the one minute videos together to get the ONE comprehensive video(s) i need (?)

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