Thanks to the Wyze Cam Pan, we avoided a potentially serious problem

I bought our Wyze Cam Pan to monitor our living area. When we discovered an animal problem in the attic, I moved the cam there. One morning as I was checking the videos, I saw a flash of light and sparks. I called an electrician. I was able to point him directly toward where I saw the flash. There was a junction box there and when he tried to take off the cover, flames shot out. The problem was old wiring that had come loose and he had no problem fixing it. That problem would only have gotten worse if not corrected. I think it’s safe to say that the Wyze Cam saved us from some very serious problems. Thanks Wyze!


Thanks for joining and posting! Glad things turned out all right! Now back to catching the attic critter eh?


Right. Whatever it is, it’s very clever. But I’m confident that my Wyze Cam and I will prevail.