In September I replaced two wireless exterior cameras located under my eaves with Wyze Pans to keep an eye on my Halloween decorations. I thought that at $30 dollars each even if the weather gets to them I would not have lost as much if someone took some of my decorations (I just added a full size horse skeleton that cost $250). Last weekend while putting up Christmas lights I temporarily removed on camera and set it on the roof out of my way. When I finished with the lights in that area I reached for the camera and discovered it had fallen into my gutter. The location it chose to fall into is in the middle of two downspouts that apparently do not drain it well as when I removed the camera water poured from it. I decided to remount the camera until I had a chance to replace it and when I powered it up the camera moved through it’s homing sequence. Now, ten days later the camera is still functioning. I do not think I will be putting the original stationary cameras back into service, the Pans will stay. Amazing performance.


Hi, @ddavidadams. Welcome! I don’t think that is amazing. I think that is a miracle. Lol :laughing: Glad to know the pans are good swimmers. I know a lot of users have their pans mounted outside with great success. I currently have my cam pan inside but thinking about moving it outside under the eves. Thanks for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a pan and a v2 outside currently, each with silicone sleeves I bought from Amazon. The only problem I have experienced through the freezing temps and lots of rain is the cord not holding up well. I guess their upcoming outdoor cam is rumored to be battery-powered, so this will be solved. However, I hope they come out with weatherproof cords eventually too.


I wonder If spraying silicone on the cord Would protect it from the elements??

This should have been reported directly to Wyze. They could incorporate it into their outdoor cam.
Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can swap you a replacement so they can study why yours did so well :slight_smile:


I might try this… specifically where the cord meets my cam pan is where it would need to be, and on any connectors if the cord isn’t long enough.

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That is very unusual. Especially for a $30 indoor camera.

I have used an outer flexible tubing to cover my electrical cords in different use cases outside, and I think it would also work to protect the wires on the cameras too. This tubing comes in different diameters and colors with a split down the side for easy installation. I know over time the UV light from the sun will make cheap electrical cords crack and dry rot. This tubing would help protect the power cords.


At this point, I would recommend keeping an eye on it in case the swim leads to future degradation. But I’m happy that your swimming camera Panned out!


I see what you did there :rofl:


I understood the pun this time. :grin:

Here’s a link to the cam pan/and cam v2 sleeves/covers I used. This is the one I have mounted outside my door,
HOLACA Real Water Resistant…

And this one, I have hanging from a low tree with small but sturdy branches pointed at my two vehicles.
Koroao [Upgraded Version]…

(I rely on these cameras after my safety was threatened at 4 am one morning,) It’s important to me that they stay dry and working. These have held up well now for 3-4 months. I assumed the cam pan had gotten too cold from being out in the elements longer, but turned out that I didn’t wrap the cord extension and the original cord (where they connect) well enough with electrical tape to truly make them waterproof. I knew it was a lazy/easy fix for now, but hadn’t considered your silicone idea. So thank you!


I wonder if heat shrink would solve that problem?

Heat shrink would make the wire hard like plastic. The wire conduit that they shared up top is fine, if water does get in, at least it can dry off some. There’s always the option of using rubber air line tube… But I mean that’s overkill. You can also get hard plastic wire covers similar to the stuff you use to run the wire on the outside of a wall when you wall mount a tv, with the right plastic it will be UV resistant.

Standard heat shrink isn’t hard, it remains flexible, just slightly larger diameter…

This is true, I always buy the glue filled ones so they do get hard…

Thanks for the idea. I’m checking into it now as I don’t want to just keep replacing cords. I tested the old cord today, and it is, in fact, dead, while the camera is working beautifully. Being a renter, I need a cord-cover that doesn’t need to be affixed to the home itself, while still aesthetically pleasing, so I’ll be looking for this now. Sorry to be a complete blonde, but would I just search heat-shrink on amazon?

I’ve just gone through a long time of searching for quality USB cord. My “outdoor” cam has not yet faced a DC winter, but withstood lots of rain and near 100F in Mississippi.
Heat shrink tubing is designed to protect cords from the environment, cover the transition from cord with insulation to the connector and also help keep several cords together.
I’ve not read of it being used for long sections of cord.
Good cords should have enough protection for the flex at the cord/plug joint.
Monoprice sells a great selection of USB cables.

But I needed longer in white and the best I found on Amazon was

Be aware that heavier duty USB cord may require trimming down the shell on the microUSB end, but that is easily done with a knife.

It definately stinks to have to keep replacing cords! We had to do that with our kids when they had apple products. Those cords failed all the time. That’s where I used heat shrink. You can search amazon, for sure! Get a pack of multiple sizes, so you have one that for sure fits. Your local hardware store should have it too.

Using Di-electric Silicone Compound is the very best way to waterproof any electrical connection, and also lubricate it. General Motors also suggests using this on all of the rubber weather-stripping too. You can get it at any auto parts store or Amazon. Once you get to using this stuff, you will find all kinds of uses for it, so buy extra! I have used this stuff for decades and I swear by it. It will also help to weatherproof the cords, just wipe some on. Works great at keeping your car doors from freezing shut too.

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