My WYZE pan outdoors has survived it's first rain

I installed my camera on my well house which is about 60 feet from my house. I added a dab of vaseline where the power cord plugs in, and built my own sun shade.
The camera faces west, so this time of year I’ve been keeping it facing more to the NW which covers my back yard, and rear entrance. It has a 3rd party rain cover on it that doesn’t cover the lens, so I’m not having any IR issues. I wanted to make sure I had the best possible wifi signal, so I installed a mesh point on that side of the house closest to the camera. It’s been working great. The picture, even at SD is better than my existing outdoor cameras put out. Thanks WYZE.!


Nicely done SWdanny.
Is that a roof over a roof?
Victor Maletic.

Yes. The birdhouse cover.

That’s cool, recorded anything interesting?

The only thing I’ve gotten events wise, is last night the neighbors were setting fireworks off. It would light up the area and trigger an event. Got about 20 of them. It records 24-7 on the card, but I wouldn’t review that unless something happens to my home or property.
Living near White Sands Missile Range has it’s possibilities though.

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Personally I plan on going with the full plexiglass cover mount on Amazon for $15.99 prime. Can’t use the IR lights, but seems to be the best solution yet…