Taking a poll for dead (bricked) V3 Pro with Nov firmware update

Anyone else try everything on your V3 Pro and only got “we’ll send you a gift card to partially pay for a new one. Sorry for killing your cameras with our faulty software that we[Mod Edit] up on.”

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Was it under warranty? Did you decline the gift card and ask for a replacement?

Did you manually Flash the Firmware?


Yep, if it’s under warranty, just decline the gift card and ask for a replacement.


I declined the gift card and I don’t have the older version to flash it manually.

There are 3 versions available for download and Manual Flash Update available by following the last link to the Firmware page.

Were you looking for a different version?

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Yeah, try flashing the firmware. Most people I’ve talked to have had success at that as a last option.

Since the V3Pros launched during Wyze week in October of last year, and shipped in November, most people are probably still covered under warranty. But I think a firmware flash should help resolve it for most people. I would flash to the newest firmware on there since it includes the fixes after people reported bricking issues.

I’m trying to grab either one of those but there’s no link…nothing for me to grab and drop onto an SD card to load and install.


Remember to unzip it

You should get a download .zip when clicking the blue link. You have to unpack the .zip to get to the .bin inside (specific for your OS Version)

If it doesn’t work, post the version you want here.


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Took me 25 emails back and forth to get them to agree to provide me with a gift card. This was after an initial email where they agreed to provide me replacements then took that back three more times. Endless games about what is and is not covered.

I’ve been a wyze customer with not only devices but services since around 2017. I chose to divest myself of wyze. Even with additional costs, my cams keep my house secure and my family safe. If it’s not important to wyze to provide decent customer service and not beta test firmware on me then it’s not worth it to me being a customer.

There are other brands out there. I’m not paying for being treated like this.

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in the future just throw it away. Way cheaper. Seems like a loss but you only compound it by living with it. These cameras in my experience are at least at a 20% failure.

Oh I’m done. I’ve replaced my cams with eufy, somewhat more expensive but they work. No more click a view then restart my phone to get a cam to respond. Door lock too.

My bulbs and strips are now lifx.

And kasa and yolink round out the other odds and ends.

They lost me on the firmware screwup, failure to apologize, circle jerk on fixing it/compensation.

Wyze was always a cost vs benefit analysis project. That always came out in my favor for years. When it didn’t, I replaced the solution.