Take picture and send the file to REST API in the internet per 1 min

I would like to use this camera for monitoring the growth of plants and animals.
We use AI to analyze photos of plants and animals.

I would like to use Wyze Cam to take photos every minute and save them on Cloud. Is it possible to add a function to send regularly taken photos to the REST API by setting the REST API URL to the camera?

We believe that this function is highly needed as a camera that can be used for image analysis using AI. Although there are cameras that send data using FTP, FTP is a transfer method with many problems, so we believe that providing a method of sending data using the REST API would be highly beneficial.

This is not currently possible, however, you can do something similar by using a third party workaround, such as using Docker wyze Bridge, Scrypted, or tinycam Pro in server mode, all of which will give you an rtsp URL, that you can then enter into almost any other video program. So you would just need to find some program that will do one screen capture every however long of interval you set. Basically like a time lapse.

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Thank you for your advice. It’s very helpful.

I am the CEO of a company that provides this cloud service.

My company is developing an AI that analyzes images of living creatures and quantifies their condition.
There are many needs for understanding the condition of living creatures, and we are planning to develop various AIs.
There are many challenges in web cameras to use, so we are thinking about using Wyze cameras to build a better service.

We can develop image acquisition programs using RTSP in-house, so we are thinking of doing that.

I’m considering consulting with Wyze about a configuration that can be deployed as a product version in order to develop an AI service for camera images. Do you know which department at Wyze to contact?

If we can find a good configuration, we are considering purchasing about 300 units for this purpose in the beginning.

We are planning to target chickens in chicken coops, mandarin oranges grown outdoors, and various fruit trees being test-grown in laboratories in the near future.

You probably just need to contact them through support and explain that you need a business to business partnership contact.

You could try contacting this number that shows up on their Google Maps listing:


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