Looking for AI to scrape/track meter readings

Curious if anyone knows of a way to use a camera pointing at digital numeric display of several data points. Is there an app that can take the video and convert it to spreadsheet or some other output?

I’m open to all options, I’m on Android and Windows . Thanks in advance

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There might be some really complicated ways to do this. Most likely way would be to use something like Docker Wyze Bridge to convert the stream to RTSP, then find another video streaming program that captures something like license plates and see if it will capture other kinds of writing too. I would ask somewhere else like the Home Assistant forums. I am sure there is someone there who can give a good suggestion about software that could do this. But, like I said, you’d have to start with using Docker Wyze bridge to convert the camera streams to RTSP so they can be used in whatever other software you need to use.

Also, if you wait long enough, there will almost definitely be LLM’s that can analyze and do that for you. They’ve already demonstrated that LLM’s can identify objects in video REALLY well and then do things based on what they find. But it’s currently the wild west with AI, so it needs a little time to mature.

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Depending on whether you need it in real time or not, you could set the cam to record daily Timelapses, use an app that exports every frame of a video to individual images, then run them through a batch OCR program. I’m sure you could figure out some way to make it relatively painless while also using free software for all of that.