Can Wyze read license plate numbers and log info

Can Wyze cameras capture car license plate numbers and log info?
Seems to be a market in this.

Is Wyze looking into this?

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Where is the market for reading license plate numbers? I don’t understand.

Check out they are selling to hoa and neighborhoods


So? Where’s the nation or worldwide market? Simply because one or two people wants something does not mean … well, you can finish this. :slight_smile:

There is a Wishlist item for this you can vote on right now if you are interested:

I would imagine it is possible for Wyze’s AI to be able to do this at some point in the future. Right now the Wishlist item is listed as “Maybe Later” which means Wyze has not said no to doing this, but it is not currently in development either…though Wyze is making really rapid advances with their AI, so who knows.

In the meantime, I saw there is another potential option that may present itself. Wyze is soon to be releasing RTSP for the V3 cams, and they already have an option for that for their V2 cams. If you have RTSP on your Wyze Cams, I saw online that there are free options to do license plate scanning/recognition through Home Assistant solutions. I saw there are people using Wyze Cams with RTSP to do this for free.

Things vary by each state, but information from those license plates to the general public running a search is generally limited to things like Make, model, year, registration status, VIN, insurance provider…unless the searcher is something like law enforcement, an insurance agency, or pays extra money to access more information…so you wouldn’t want any system to automatically run every plate as that could get expensive. I’d mostly think it would only be useful in particular situations, and then it could manually run if there is some kind of really important reason…though usually in those cases, law enforcement could do that for you with the shared video to them.

(Different states may have different laws or limits related to this, I am not a lawyer, and the above are simply my personal opinions)


Another use case for WYZE Cams is a Docker Container that will run all your camera feeds
You can purchase surveillance software and see all your feeds. It’s not free but has lots of options. No ALPR software that I found free yet i.e. Open Source