I was robbed. Wyze, can you enhance this video to get a license plate number?


I see no video???/////

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I’m afraid enhancing video to magically see what you can’t already is something that only happens on TV.
Have you viewed it on a computer monitor?
The link is broken. No video.


Sadly CSI shows exaggerate the ability to get more detail out of images and video, that said try again to post the video as that link wont work, and maybe we can give you tips. If you have not already given the video to the police you should.


To upload your video click on up load as shown in the red circle, choose file, upload, click reply


Also please note that you are not really communicating directly with Wyze here. It’s a community forum they provide and almost everyone who responds is just another customer with an opinion. Good luck!

It looks as if you just posted a link to your GMail. Try saving the video to your local storage and then uploading as suggested above. To reach Wyze directly you can try 844 WYZECAM.


Seems they have lost interest anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well the forums are not instant, maybe they are unable to reply right away, but it has been nearly a full day so :woman_shrugging:

Have you tried firmly stating the command “enhance!” to your monitor? Works great on tv.


The fact that 90 people tried to click on that link when it clearly is pointing to a google inbox is a bit disturbing…


Guilty, I clicked it. I was not certain that Google didn’t quietly add attachment sharing a la Google Drive but with a GMail URL.

I tried that when viewing the newest mars landing pictures.
Imagine my surprise when I saw “My Favorite Martian”!

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Without Ray Walston there would be no ALF. Discuss.

Just press the “enhance” button like they do on TV, ha ha!
Seriously, there is software that can enhance a specific thing by pulling out information and averaging from multiple frames of a video. But it’s not likely that Wyze is going to provide the service. Try googling, there are plenty of hits.

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Even that isn’t going to create a licence plate number.

While I agree with the “this is not CSI” – it is actually possible to some extent (quite past what the average technical person thinks) believe it or not.

There are quite a few things you can do to “guess” the near-by pixels in most images very accurately. Apply some ML to this, and you can get pretty surprising results.

There are quite a few ways to go from a 50-60% pixelated image to a perfectly clear image.
From a 20-30%, you can get to a “recognizable” image.

Note the commercial (non-military) use:


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There is also a fantastic paper on some of the interesting concepts here - both AI (deep learning), and facial recognition specifically:

Interesting but… I followed that first link and all the samples look like complete BS. Were these mockups for “illustrative purposes” or are we supposed to believe a program used the image on the left to create the image in the right?

Shirt detail pattern and all. Sure, I believe that.

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The first is the "guessing"example (thus AI and the need for the large data pool) – the point is that it can demonstrate what is possible. But the birds example is completely real, and that’s from ~3-4 years ago.

I have seen this first hand used for facial recognition where a positive match identity has been made.

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