So pi$$ed off. Guy broke into my car and this is what Wyze says!

I got in my car today and realized it had been vandalized / broke into. I checked my Wyze cameras, and this is the bull$hit I got! Gee thanks !!! Aways happens when I need the video!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Did you exit the video and try coming back in? Some error codes aren’t permanent.

Also, if you have an SD card installed, you can go to 2:42 AM and see all that you had the card set to record (hopefully you are on continuous record). To get to 2:42 AM, just click the SD card icon that says “Playback” at the bottom of the clip screen.


Yup tried that and it still does not pull up. I even pulled the SD card and nothing for that time frame :pleading_face:

I think this Wyze pan cam is dying, had it happen a few times, WiFi is 100% and other cams are fine. Just this one

Welcome back @ckinfl!
Are you able to select the upload or download button to save the clip to your device and view it that way instead?

(Top Left corner of livestream)