Sysperl V-30 battery

I have a Sysperl V-30 robot vacuum and I need a battery. The manufacturer no longer makes them. It has a 2 pin connector, 12V, 1000mAh, 15W, 7.4 volt. It is approximately 3"X3/4"X1". Anyone have any suggestions? I hate to throw it away. Thanks

Quick check not really finding an obvious match. Photo of the battery would be helpful.

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I checked Wish, AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. No luck.

As @purchark stated, a part number would be helpful.

You could also disassemble the battery and replace the 18650 cells and reuse the electronics. Then wrap it with Super88.

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Sorry it took so long to get back. Here is the pic.

I can only upload one pic. The connection has two pins.

That looks like two 18650 cells connected in series to make 7.4 volts. Since ‘broke is broke’, carefully use a knife and cut the wrap lengthwise. I want to see if the charging electronics are on the battery pack or if it is internal. If it is just two 18650 cells connected in series, then buy two 18650 cells and solder them together. I think the rating states it is 2400 mAh so any cells with that rating or higher will be fine. Just watch out for cells that have 9000 mAh because the largest is about 3400 mAh

Found some on Amazon that would only require you to splice the connector wiring. Dimensions would help.


Here is the pic with the wrap off. Thanks for your help

Ok. Good photo. The electronics are onboard the battery pack. Peel that cellophane insulator off and take another pic.

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Would this work?

Just change the electronics? Thanks for all your help!

That one claims to have protection so you could just splice on your old connector. I would double-check. Check polarity also, sometimes the connectors are right but the colors are wrong.

Before doing that I’m interested to know what battery model they used. The applications listed for that Amazon one seem more for lower current uses. Well, the current use wouldn’t be that bad otherwise you’d have hardly any runtime. So the Amazon one is probably okay as long as it’s not worse than the lowest rated ones I see on 18650batterystore.

Is a good source for legit cells.


Would this be a good replacement?


Yes, those should be good.


One more question. How do you deal with the spotwelds?

Lots of YouTube videos


Thanks for all your help. I was ready to give up.

I haven’t checked out those videos yet, but I had a link to a good video but it’s no longer there. From memory it went something like this…

The main thing is to reduce dwell time to prevent overheating the battery. You actually achieve this by running a hotter soldering iron, and bigger the tip, the more wattage the better. So you can get in and out quickly, you know you’ve done a good job when the solder flows smoothly. When done right you should be able to touch the soldered area and it will just be warm. Sanding/scuffing the surface and flux will help/may be necessary.

Note I had from the video: 800F (~427C)

If you have some polyimide tape, I recommend covering the holes around the positive end. I had a solder ball drop in there once, that could cause a short later on. It’s important not to damage the white insulator.

I had good luck without sanding, but I used a Kester acid type flux which needs to be cleaned-off. Solder was the “good stuff”, leaded 60/40. Not exactly compatible with the flux I used, but the joints look good/should last long enough.

This is on my father’s headstone.

At the bottom it reads ‘NEVER GIVE UP’

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Thank you