Switch Schedules Not Working, Rules Do Work

I’ve just installed a Wyze Switch on an outdoor light. I’d like it to turn the light on at sunset and off at 10:30 PM. The first attempt at this was with a Schedule from within the Switch settings. Neither the on or off function worked.

I can get this functionality to work if I set it up as a Rule, but not as a Schedule. Do the Schedule functions not work with the Switch? I’ve searched the forums for other discussions regarding Switch schedules but didn’t find anything similar to this.

I’m running the iOS app version and Switch firmware 1.2.22.

Any assistance in getting the Schedule to work with the Switch would be much appreciated.

I am sorry this has happened. I just ran a quick test on one of my switches using the schedule option found in the switch settings page and it worked for me. Could you let me know how you set up your schedule, possibly with screen shots.

I am also on the beta firmware 1.2.23 which added the ability for schedules in Canada. So on the off chance you are in Canada you would need to opt your switch into the beta program and update the fw and that would fix the scheduling issue.


Thanks for reporting this. Could you please submit a log on this device for me.

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@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeDesmond thanks for the quick responses. I am indeed in Canada, so from @WyzeJasonJ’s response, this functionality is not available to me yet. I will wait for the update that addresses this as I’m not ready to opt into the beta program right now.

Cheers :slight_smile: