Wyze Switch and Sunset Rules - Don't Work

I installed a Wyze Switch a week ago. I have a rule set up to turn the Switch on 30 min after sunset and turn it off at 10:30 PM.

The on and off work, but the on is happening at the same time every night. At 6:58 PM the Switch turns on and at 10:30 PM it turns off. Sunset changes though and we are losing about 4 min of light a day, but the Switch is turning on at the same time every night. Should the Switch not observe the change in Sunset time each day? Is that not the point of a Sunset rule? It just seems to be observing the Sunset time of the day that I created the Rule.

It may not update every day, I’m not sure how that works. If you delete and recreate the rule does it update the sunset time?

@IEatBeans I would think it does but I’m going to wait a couple more days to see if it updates on its own first or until someone else that has tested this already chimes in.

I have a couple of Color Lights on sunset schedules as well that I haven’t been paying very close attention to but I suspect they are having a similar issue as their rule seems to act a little weird around that sunset time as well.

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3 days ago I updated the location of my Switch to a completely different time zone, saved it. Then reset it to my location, saving it again. The thought was to see if resetting the location would jump start the switch to update it’s time every day with the new Sunset time. It did not work. The switch did update itself to the Sunset time of October 15th but the last 3 days have seen the Switch turn on at the same time each day even though Sunset comes earlier each day.

I’m now going to delete this Rule, clear my Cache and then recreate the rule to see if this will allow it to observe the correct Sunset time every night.

I’ll update as the results come in.

As a side note/tip, I’ve set up IFTTT rules for any of my Wyze devices that I’m actively testing and want to keep track of when they turn on, off etc. I have each IFTTT rule add a line to a Google Sheet with which ever action I’m watching for, switch on/off, light on/off, etc.

This makes it really easy to keep track of what’s happening without having to search through the Rule History in the Wyze app as that can get very tedious. This also gets around the fact that if you have Plugs set up with Schedules, the Schedules do not show up in the Rules History as they are run on the device, not in the cloud.

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Three more nights of this Switch turning on at the same time, the time it picked when I set it’s location in the Sunset rule. I’m going to say that Sunset rules currently do not work with the Wyze Switch.

Crossing my fingers that the new FW that @WyzeJasonJ mentioned in Switch Schedules Not Working, Rules Do Work will not only fix the Wyze Switch Schedules, but also this Sunset Rule issue.

As I’ve been testing this Switch, I’ve also been testing the same rule on a Wyze Plug. The Plug has performed flawlessly, with it’s on and off times following the Sunrise/Sunset every day. Wyze Plug for the win in this comparison.

This definitely sounds like a bug. Could you get a log for the switch in the switches setting > Wyze support > submit a log.

Post the log number here, and your plugs firmware version.

The Switch firmware is 1.2.22

Thanks. @WyzeJasonJ can forward it onto the correct team. If anyone else sees this and could confirm this behavior that would be great!

I have a similar rule set up for my switches - but I have one rule to turn them on at sunset and a separate rule to turn off later at night - just checked and the time on has moved earlier each day - may be a decent work around for now?

Thanks for the feedback/tip @watkinsbenj :beers:

I’ve deleted my initial rule, cleared the app cache on all devices that I access this account with, and created an on at Sunset rule and a separate off rule for 22:30.

I’ll post an update in a couple of days with the results.

3 days now of my Switch turning on at 6:02 PM so the thought that having one rule to turn the Switch on and one rule to turn it off may solve the problem of the Sunset On Rule actually following the Sunset time has been dispelled. I’m afraid my Switch is probably a lost cause for this Rule until the next FW update :cry: