Switch needs a “lock on/off” or “disable physical button” options

Unless I missed something, I really thing there needs to be a way to lock the switch on or off, or just a way to disable the physical button from the software so that control is only available from the app or after unlocking the switch. Other that setting in the software, it could also be a rule or action. IE tripping press or double with long press or just the long press locks it either on or off. And repeating the action unlocks it.
Use case: all but one of my Floodlight Cams are on switches around the house. Having the ability to lock them and only control them from the software will help minimize accidental switch offs.

That’s a great idea, it could be very useful in many cases. Please create a thread in the #wishlist category so others can vote on this idea and Wyze can see it. Thanks!