Switch from Cam Plus Lite to CAM PLUS

I just bought an additional V3’s which come with 2 weeks of Cam Plus LITE. I have 21 CAMS and CAM PLUS UNLIMITED (for 99 cameras). When these LITE versions expire next week, what specific STEPS should I take to TRANSFER them to the CAM PLUS UNLIMITED Account?

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You shouldn’t have to wait at all. Unassign the cams from CPL then slide over to your CP 99 and assign them there.

It was my understanding that CP customers automatically are given $0 unlimited CPL. I will have to look for that post. But you should be able to move them back and forth at will. Although with CP 99 I don’t know why you would want to unless testing.

Thank you for the response. The CPL is of coure $0 for those who chose it, but the CP and CP99 have additional features, as well as the ability to view the cameras on WINDOWS 10-11 Computers without any other side APPS. The break even for the CP99 is 6 units at regular price, and after that, you are getting a great bargin

:+1: I have the CP 99 as well. That’s the reason for my last statement in the last post. CPL is only useful to me if I am testing a cam there.

It is interesting though that the new cams are coming off the shelf with a CPL trial and not the CP trial like they used to.