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Can all the Wyze products support the fairly new “Matter” protocol soon? ( ) This would help most of us setup the best home devices (of course mostly wyze devices!) and integrate them all with whichever home-hub-app we prefer to use. The wyze devices/products are all great, but we all have other devices that we want to use that are not (yet) available from wyze and would like to keep everything integrated into a single home-hub-app. I would hope this would be a priority for Wyze since it eliminates the need for vendor-specific integrations into 3rd party app-systems (google, amazon, apple, …)

Already working on it. Too bad, an open source license-free approach would have been preferable. Care of @carverofchoice:


They are officially part of matter, just haven’t announced new products that will support as I don’t think current cameras can support it.

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I gotta say, with the price of Wyze products, I’d happily buy each one all over again if they gain HomeKit support in any way. Matter seems the best move going forward, for sure.


It appears that Matter is front and center for future development. This meeting recently was with a lot of the dev community from several companies and WYZE rep is quoted and/or mentioned.



Will Wyze be offering Matter certified devices in the future?

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What is “Matter” did a Google search, but no luck. I want to replace my Wyze outdoor cam and Arlo cams with something more affordable (then Arlo).

Aah, thanks. Explains why I could not find a Matter camera.

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Of course Wyze is not on list of companies signed up for Matter.

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Ref: Meet Our Participants | The Alliance - CSA-IOT

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Matter” appears to be all about a connectivity standard, please correct me if I misinterpret what quickly read at

Assuming I’m understanding what Matter is, can someone explain to me how this is going to help Wyze finally create the ability of the Wyze App to do Landscape on a iPad or Android Tablet ?


It’s not.

Also, Matter doesn’t support cameras.

I believe the poster just meant the new standard would give them more choices.

Personally from what I’ve read I think Matter is irrelevant and will disappear within a few years.

Did you know Wemo is introducing a Thread device that is not even going to work with Matter?

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Matter will be a standard, companies can decide not to support it and create their own if they want to, they are free to do that. But Matter can allow more devices to join the standard and Amazon, Apple and Google are supporting it, making it cross OS compatible. This could make it easier for other product manufacturers to implement matter into their devices for all systems compatibility.

TBH I don’t think my Wyze products are going to get matter support from Wyze. They will probably only add it to their new products to have compatibility and make us buy more of them. If their devices had Homekit compatibility we would never even have to use the outdated iPad app but that wasn’t possible. I am waiting on Matter to release before making a decision to which company to move to, but with what I have seen until now, definitely not staying with Wyze. Their cameras were perfect when they released them, loved them, praised them, until they weren’t.


Matter, Thread… Windows… Apple…

Love all these Generic Names… at least when I do a search for “Google” on a search engine… I get… what I’m looking for… but then… there’s Alphabet

Interesting story about the Wemo Dimmer Switch, thanks for sharing.


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MATTER Integration

I’ve seen and personal requested integrations for things like SmartThings etc that wyze has mentioned they’re considering. However, what I would like to request, is that Wyze looks instead to support the new MATTER smart home standard/protocol launching later this year, which will be supported by all major smart home manufacturers and developers - finally working together. Given Wyze set out to make technology more accessible, doesn’t it make sense instead of seeking to integrate with a single platform, to look forward in supporting the standard that will be supported by all major platforms (Apple, Google, Amazon, SmartThings, and countless others).

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @bnicholson! :raising_hand_man:

Here are some links to articles confirming that Wyze is a member of the Matter Alliance:

August 2021:

Wyze Labs Joins Matter Alliance. Wyze Labs now stands among companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple in supporting the new standard.

Wyze Labs Joins the Matter Alliance: What This Means for Your Smart Home

June 2022:

Wyze Talks Upcoming Products, Matter Ecosystem Plans in AMA

Interesting, I searched on the Matter site and wyze didn’t come up.

This is very good news, if I had read the last article earlier about them not providing retro support, I probably wouldn’t have waited to order the addition 4 cameras to add to the 15 I have now, meaning cameras alone, I’ll eventually have to replace 18-19 now :expressionless: … I’ve been with wyze since camv1 - biggest issue I’ve had, is lack of interoperability. This sit outside of the rest of a robust ecosystem in my house. It’s my smart home - then home monitoring/wyze cams… at one point I got motion sensors as triggers for smart lights and switches working via IFTTT, but too much trouble and latency.

Will be watching this - excited for products to come, thanks for sharing the links!

Cameras aren’t even part of Matter yet. Don’t go holding your breath.

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