Matter Update

How about an update on Matter support?

I mean, you’ve supposedly been focused on it.

I asked about this in the most recent AMA with the founders. They said:

Basically, they want Matter to address Cameras first, and then they will make more informed decisions on where to go from there.

I could mention a lot more behind this from the consortium side of things, but I believe cameras will probably be one of the last things the Matter Alliance/consortium finalizes and they’re moving INSANELY SLOWLY on EVERYTHING. It’s become a running joke that everything the Matter consortium does is just delay after delay forever. Things are moving at a terrible pace. And then you take into account that camera standards are much more complex and challenging than other devices. It involves video streaming, encryption, storage, privacy, and security issues that require critical testing and consideration. Plus the main players all have very different standards and some of them are fighting to force everyone else to adopt their standards. Additionally most of them see it as not urgent or essential compared to other devices because most cameras already work with the major platform players such as Alexa, Google Home, and HomeKit. Homekit is also the most inflexible (inflexibility = Apple’s trademark), and Apple requires some weird “second stream” standards. So there is a struggle there. But since the point of Matter is designed to improve interoperability and the major players can already have their cameras work with all the other major players, it would be a bad priority from their perspective to focus on this instead of things that aren’t all already compatible with them. They can politic out the camera complications after the other things are settled and it won’t change much from their perspective. Regardless, a lot of companies are saying that in most cases they will either make all new products to add matter compatibility for their cameras and other devices, or some will consider creating a new bridge to make it happen on legacy devices. But we won’t know until they can agree on this.

And until they agree on this, Wyze is holding off on deciding what to do with other products, including whether or not it would be worth it to do a Matter Bridge on legacy devices.

tl;dr: Matter, not a focus. Smarthings, not happening. Homekit, not a focus, because math is hard. Suck it up and use Amazon/Google, because they were easy.