Support = cant create a ticket

cant contact support - support ticket icon on the help page opens a chat. the AI is stupid and wont sent me to open a ticket. it keeps looping back and forth … this is really ridiculous. i know its after support hours but i should be able to create a support ticket.

wyze … really ?

Cam PLUS … adding camera not working

Because CAM PLUS does NOT work in the app, i had to readd a camera that i had moved to a new plug. going on line to my CAM PLUS subscription I click to add it and nothing happens. it does not save it after i click on continue

support page is not working - cant create a support ticket.

honestly this is unacceptable.
no support tickets
cam plus doesnt work on the mobile ap
and now is not working online.

why am i paying you all this money every month?

ugh ugh ugh

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Have you tried calling Wyze? Check out this thread.

The Chat bot can be maddening, but there is a way to ignore it.

  • When the chat bot starts, enter “Submit a Ticket”
  • When the chat bot gives you a suggestion and asks if that helped, click NO
  • It will suggest something else. Click NO.
  • When the option appears for “Contact Support”, click it.
  • When the option appears for “Email”, click it.
  • The Email submission form will appear. Fill it out completely and click Submit. That will log the ticket and a CS Wizard should email you back.

  • Is your Cam Plus subscription showing in the Account, Services page within the App?
  • Is it a Wyze Web subscription or an iOS App Store subscription?
  • When you click “Add Cameras”, does your newly reinstalled cam show as available?
  • Did you Delete and reinstall the cam, or just reinstall it.
  • Is it possible that the cam may already be subscribed to a different subscription?

As @StevenA has indicated, you can also call Customer Support during normal business hours.

Wyze Customer Support
(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)