I need support , you ai thing is worthless. There are no options

I no longer have cam plus unlimited the two per month subscriptions are back. This is a problem.

Your idiotic ai thing pathetically doesn’t understand that I do not EVER use a phone conversation due to being LIED to repeatedly by almost every company. I only do email or when pressed, recorded chat. Please contact me by email.

do not respond here

You have it, I only had to log in 6 times to get to a forum post, what a bad web design that is.

If you cannot provide the service as stipulated in your own bloody legal paperwork, I want a full abs complete refund for all Wyze products I have purchased, especially the ones that physically hurt my wife and I - you have the pictures, you know about it, but so far it’s only because I made a fuss you sent replacements that did EXACTLY THE SAME THING! You took no further action, which is ethically despicable.

I will not be reading or responding to this post, if I get signed up for another spamming list of emails I will be more upset because I don’t need any more unwanted spam.

Sounds like you have an issue, all of our cam + works just fine you need to submit a service request from Wyze, if you have not done so yet, unplug your cams also sign out of your app then back in we did that and we were good as of yesterday

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This is user to user forum, Wyze typically doesn’t monitor or troubleshoot from the forum. The best way to contact support is though the phone or their live chat during business hours on the wyze website.

I know OP said they won’t check anything in this thread, so I am providing the requested information for anyone else in the community who is searching or views the thread with similar questions about how to reach chat or email support instead of phone support.

As stated above, this is a community forum that is not regularly monitored by Wyze support employees. If anyone else desires to email or chat with a Wyze Employee about support issues, I would recommend using the following link:


Then either click on Chat with us, or click the chat box as shown here:


If you click on the chatbox and answer the questions, you will be able to submit an email and they will email you back a response that way. I do this all the time because I prefer email as well.

Best of luck to anyone looking for support help, and there are plenty of volunteers and kind members willing to help out when possible too.

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