I’m about to give up on Wyze… I have been a user for a few years. I have a couple of the new outdoor cams coming.

I have free Person Detection, and was willing to subscribe to Cam Plus, in response to Wyze emails.

But I cannot figure out how to do it! The website is not at all intuitive, It’s awful!

Worse, there is no way to seek assistance.

I looked at this last night for about an hour, and the same tonight. No results.

I liked Wyze as it was easy. Now it is opposite, If Wyze cannot figure out how to SELL its products, chances are it will not figure out how to support them,

I think Wyze has grown too fast. I went from wanting to subscribe to Cam Plus to thinking Wyze may not be the answer I was hoping for…


Hi, I’ve also been a customer for quite awhile. I’m having issues with my motion detection, it seems to work only in daylight hours. I never had this issue before wyze started to complain that their servers were unable to keep up with the demand and we’re going to charge for a premium service. So, I figured my problem was due to being throttled by wyze, so I spent the money & went premium. Big mistake. I’m Still having the same issues. A camera that doesn’t work 24/7 for me is useless. What say you?

Welcome to the Wyze community @xander and @stevelazare!
Try calling Wyze. You can get a better response!

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