Super wide angle not necessary with the Pan

Here’s a flaw with the Pan. The view is too wide, and details are lost, especially in the distance. I know this is meant as an indoor camera, but many of us use it outdoors, or looking out through a window. There is no need for such a wide field of view, since the camera is panning.

A future version could have an optical zoom, so that we could set the field of view. In addition, we should be able to set more waypoints as the view narrows.

I changed the lens in my pan. I’m using the 8.0mm to zoom onto my car and it’s working great. Just remove the rubber ring around the lens, use a pick to remove the glue between the lens and camera, and unscrew the lens. The type is uses is called “MTV”. The original one I would guess is a 2.8mm

Very cool! Obviously that would void the warranty, but it’s nice to know it is fairly easy. Something I will investigate. Might look into that for the V2 as well for some specific applications.

Also something that Wyze might be able to have as options - several different lens options…



Have you tried to open V2 to adjust focus of the lens ? I have few V2 which are out of focus.

As for your change on your pan, it will be helpful if you publish a tutorial :slight_smile:

I opened up my V2 too. The front ring is clipped so you have to take it apart to pop it out in order to focus it. Same lens and hot glue holding the focus in place.

Thanks! Some pictures and steps/hints will be very helpful. I will try them on the most out of focus v2.

I found the newest V2 I purchased at Home depot was out of focus beyond 10-15 feet yet up close
focus was clear. Opened it up used an exacto knife to cut glue and adjusted focus to 25ft.Tried a soldering Iron on glue firstbut found Exacto was much easier
Here is a link to a video opening it up

Do you have a link to the 8.0mm lens that you used?