Suggestions wanted for water-resistant housing

Since there is no outdoor Wizen camera yet does anyone have any suggestion for creating housing for the Wyze Cam Pan?

My partner and I do animal rescue which involves trapping lost or stray animals. Most traps are now self-triggering which is good because most animals won’t go in if you’re close.

So I would like to have four-is Wyze Cam Pan cameras That I would connect to high-capacity power banks and connect to the internet through a hotspot.

This way we can watch the animals which is important for two reasons:

  1. They don’t stay in the traps long (Wyze motion and sound detection would really help here)

  2. Not all animals cry when getting in, but they all freak out and that’s super dangerous for them

Any idea on building housing or suggestions about what power bank¹to use would be appreciated.

  1. I use Anker power banks and love them, but I’m thinking something with the charging port opposite to the output ports would be best. I think this because I could route the Wyze cable to the back and make a hole in the front of the housing to charge the power bank.

Have you searched the forum? There are several ideas that folks have suggested, complete with photos and parts lists.

I have but I thought this project was different enough that I should make it a topic of its own since I found nothing about them being self-contained or how to best power them without being plugged into an outlet.