Just a question about Wyze Cam


Just finished setting up my Wyze Cam and I think it’s going to be great! I love all the features! I have a question though. I’m planning on setting up one over my front door. Do I have to plug the video cam into an electrical outlet or does the Wyze Cam have an internal battery? If not, is there a way around it? Thank you for any help.

-Ella B.

No batteries in the cam, must be plugged into a power source all the time


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You could use an external USB battery pack, but you’d probably have to recharge it at least every other day.

Myself ,I think it’s best have the cams plugged in, I have to many thing already with batteries I have to mess with.

Thank you all for the input and feedback to my question. I see the points you’ve made. The only problem with running the cord that came with it from the inside to the outside, is that I be concerned about it being disconnected, if someone wanted to steal it. But thank you, again!

-Ella B.


There’s not an electrical danger because , It’s just low power

That's really of no concern to me or my problem. I just don't want it stolen. If someone should get shocked while trying to steal it, I figure they deserve it. -Ella B.

That’s always going to be a problem with one mounted outside, but to me it’s worth the risk. I have two outside, one on my front porch and one on my back deck. I LOVE them, and if someone steals it I’ll have the clip on the cloud of them doing so.