Cows in my yard

I have a issue with 2 neighbors fighting over a field. One keeps cutting the others fence. We know hes doing it but we need proof. A wyze cam would work perfert because of size. But there is no power there. Any ideas on how to power it silently? Im tired of cattle in my yard.

The camera is USB-powered, so any USB power bank would work. Exact power consumption varies based on several factors, (higher consumption at night if IR lights are on, for example) but based on anecdotal reports I’ve seen here, the camera seems to consume around 500-600mAh per hour, give or take. If you’re looking to buy a USB power bank, just multiply that by the number of hours you want to power the camera and just buy something larger than that. So a 12000-15000mAh power bank should last you about a day.

If you Google “USB power bank” or look on Amazon, you’ll find several options. The mAh capacity is usually listed prominently in the title. Anker is a popular brand, but anything should work, really.

Do you have a MicroSD card that you plan to record to, or do you have strong WiFi in the field for cloud recording? If you don’t have strong WiFi outside, the only caveat I should mention is that you need to set it up near a strong WiFi signal when you first connect the camera to the power bank, otherwise it may not record anything to the MicroSD card. That shouldn’t be hard to do since you’ll have it connected to a mobile power supply, but it’s worth mentioning. After you’ve set it up where it can connect to WiFi, you can take it out of WiFi range and it should record as long as it remains continuously powered, but don’t disconnect it from the power bank after you’ve done that or may just sit there and do nothing after you turn it on again, until it reconnects to WiFi.

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I forgot about needing WiFi. You’re solution might be the trick though. I can test it before I put into use. Thanks!

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I spend the other part of my life on the Tractorbynet forum. Property problems like this are discussed there frequently.

Often the offender is of such a mindset that they will destroy any cam they see and get to.

I would recommend at least 2 V2’s.
IF you have a good wi-fi signal at the site (check w/ phone and an app like WiFi Analyzer) you only need power and environmental protection. And you will be able to store clips to the “cloud”.
Like nerdland wrote a decent power bank will suffice for x hours. A lot depends on if the camera is running IR lights at night. I’ve been getting 23 hours of a 10AH power bank.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE WIFI another “non-wifi” option is to provide a WiFi hotspot. I use an AT&T mobley when I want to run a cam away from standard WiFi. That basically takes the WiFi to the site.
The hotspot solution is a lot more expensive but many people own hotspots already.

Now environmental protection and camouflage is another thing. I’ve seen from Saran wrap to elaborate structures. Lot’s are in this forum,
I’m partial to my Wyze Owl:

It’s got room for batteries inside.

But I would plan on 2 cams with one watching the other.

And of course the FIRST thing that should be done is to get local law enforcement involved.


As others have mentioned, you would need WiFi coverage and a battery pack. If I had the same situation however, I would use one of my trail cameras and do my best to hide it. I have several of them that I use in the woods for wildlife and have a great time looking at the pictures and videos I get on them. The cheaper ones can be had for under $50 and they go way up from there with some even including cellular transmission.

But if you are willing to be minimalist, Saran Cam w/ SD card and a 10A power bank can be gotten for $50 and you’v got the GREAT Wyze community :slight_smile:


Absolutely! I was thinking more if there was lack of WiFi range and things like that. Plus if someone already has Wyze cams they can use, that would be the cheapest solution. Love your Wyze owl by the way!

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