Suggestions for improved direct communication with Customer Support

Tech communications

Communications with the tech support is impossible. Few owners of Wyze products do IT for a living. We do not know the IT jargon, so it is impossible to communicate our problems in THEIR language. What I wish: tech support which speaks to consumer in plain English and does NOT assume that we know what we are talking about.

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Maybe an opt-in choice to interface with support in the way that’s described. Generally, Wyze support is great because they provide direct technical support that I can apply. Sometimes many (or all) of their (e.g., 7) support suggestions have already been attempted; so I can only imagine if their default stance was assuming customers knew less, than we’d be getting more ‘have you tried turning it off-and-on again?’ suggestions.


Since they already use scripts to walk us through things, perhaps they could ask a question about what we believe our level of technical understanding is, and then select the appropriate script for the comfort level the user self-selects. They could even easily use an LLM/GPT AI to help revise the various scripts to compensate for the terminology used based on what a user self-reports for their comfort level. That would actually be great customer service. Some of us want things to be more technical and assume we’ve already tried intermediate to advanced things, while others need more help and wording without all the technical jargon. This is actually a pretty good suggestion to consider that there are different groups of people who need help in different ways. I like the general concept.


Agree completely.
Perhaps, if the person using the chat/AI interface were logged in to their support/forum user account, there could be a preference option set that the AI would pull from. People without accounts or new users would be set to ‘Beginner’, and you could be given the option to change the preference to ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’, to avoid having to answer the question each time.


That’s a great idea. I am liking the idea of this wishlist more and more as I think of what they COULD do with it.

It would kind of be nice if Customer service was given more flexibility with the advanced users to be able to go off-script a little more too. Like, if we tell them which things we already tried (power cycle the device, factory reset or whatever), it would be nice if they weren’t required to tell us to again do the exact same thing we just told them we tried and didn’t fix it. I know they’re just following the required scripting, but it would be nice to have a little flexibility for those who already know most of the basic steps and tried them.

There is certainly a lot of potential for customization to make different groups of people much more satisfied with their particular needs from customer service.

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I never use support. By the time I need assistance I’m well beyond the scripts they use. I recently had a problem with the Mesh Router and the only way it got resolved was by having direct contact with the engineering team, which would never have happened if I called or emailed support. They would have just sent an email closing the case saying it had been sent up the food chain and I should wait for a firmware/app update.

There needs to be an escalation process to get beyond frontline support.