Suggestion/Wanted Feature for the Wyze Thermostat

I am not sure where to post this, I think this is the best option.

I am wanting to submit a request for a feature, possibly in a future software update of the Wyze thermostat. I am not sure where to make the suggestion/Request where someone that matters would actually see it. Hopefully, maybe someone might see it here at some point or someone has already asked for it.

I would like to see an option to have full control of the wyze thermostat remotely. Specifically, I would like to be able to be able to lock people out of the thermostat and be unable to change the temp or at the very least be able to set maximum/minimum allowable temp settings on the thermostat.

For example, I do not want the kids to run the AC at 65 degrees all day long while I am on the road (I am a truck driver) I want to be able to control the access to the thermostat from the app. I want to ither be able to set a minimum temp and then no one can manually turn the thermostat any lower than that setting. For instance I might want to program in the min allowed temp as 74 from the app and then now one at the house could turn the temp on the thermostat below 74.

I would love to get a Wyze thermostat but I need one that gives me that control so will have to look for some other brand that is diffidently going to be much more expensive.

I have been happy with my wyze cams and door sensors. Not so much with the Wyze motion sensors, I have not had much luck with the motion sensors, I had the one I got bricked up and wyze sent me a replacement and that one only lasted a couple of weeks. I have read lots of complaints on the motion sensors as well, but the door sensors and cameras have been great. I was hoping to pick up this thermostat but after looking into it, someone replied to me that it does not have a lock-out feature. If This is something that gets added I would defidently buy one.

You can lock out the thermostat’s local dial now. Then only people with access to the app’s user ID & PW can control the temp.

Really? That is great. Thanks.

Don’t get too excited, even though you can lock the thermostat in the app, it can be easily disabled from the dial. On the lock enabled screen you press the dial to disable.

Oh, That sucks. Thanks for that info.

Thanks. It looks like that lock isn’t truly a lock. Super simple for anyone to disable. And I need people to be able to adjust the temperature but don’t want them to be able to, for example, turn the AC to 60 in the summer. My Honeywell allows me to set a minimum temp of 67, which Wyze does not allow.

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