Child lock on Thermostat

My child keep playing with my current thermostat. It could get worse with the Wyze thermostat because it looks pretty. I wish there is a child lock to avoid that.

There is a “lock” feature in the app so that the thermostat can only be controlled by the app. Would this work?

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oh…yes, that should help.



They need to add Keen Smart Vent compatibility. I use Ecobee now because it can integrate. I bought one of the Wyze to play with it hoping it will integrate with Keen eventually. I have two thermostats. Ecobee has motion and temperature remote sensors. I like the look of the Wyze better, so hope to play with those as well.

Then it also needs a “wife lock”. Perhaps set high/low limits with and admin password.


First time posting on the forum. So you can lock out the knob entirely? That would be perfect. We are looking at using these on our storage facility. We have stats that are inside locked units, so we need the ability to control the units without asking tenants to open the units.

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Yes! When you lock the thermostat, it locks all manual control from the thermostat. There is a way to unlock it in the thermostat’s settings.
You can also name each thermostat in the app, that may be helpful for multiple units.

That isn’t true. When I lock it in the app, my child can go to the settings on the thermostat and unlock it.

Not true, as has been pointed out.

This seems like a huge hole in the software. What is the point of having a Lock if one can easily bypass it form the unit.

This would seem like an easy software fix to me.



It would be nice if Lock Thermostat actually locked the Thermostat. Right now it is easily bypassed by going into setting on the Thermostat itself.

This completely defeats the purpose of the lock!

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wish could limit front panel control to temperature only so peeps stop changing the thermostat setup

I want to be able to have full controll of the thermostat through the app. I do not want my kids to be able to chang the temp when I am at work. Is this possible or something you can implement, or at least have a setting where I can put in a max and min temp that the thermostat can be set to so those settings can not be exceeded when I am away?

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In the meantime you can just simply pull the thermostat off the wall while you’re away. That’s what I would do if my kids couldn’t follow simple hands-off instructions.

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