Remove ability to disable lock from setting in thermostat itself

Please remove the ability for someone to go into the settings on the thermostat itself and disable the lock. The ability to do this kind of defeats the purpose of having the lock in the first place.

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Why is this not more popular, seen as more important? C’mon wyze. It’s summer and my kid keeps turning on the heat.


It seems really dumb to have to vote/request a lock function actually lock. Right now, it functions as the equivalent of a lock with the keys still in it. At least require the setting have a pin/passcode.


Ahh crap, the only reason I bought it was for this feature and now I find out you can simply bypass it locally without any PIN or anything? What was the point?! Is this for real or just a misunderstanding? Even the app says that all control is app based despite the physical control behaving normally, i assumed it just was like a shadow ban, where it would appear to work normally but actual cooling/heating settings were still based off the app settings. Can we get clarification from Wyze on exactly how it really works?


What is the purpose of a lock if everyone has a key?

Mr. Obvious


Counting on the stupidity of children of course… home Depot sells combo lock thermostat covers that work pretty well.

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Prevent users from unlocking physical thermostat when locked via app

After locking the thermostat via the Wyze app, anyone can press the thermostat wheel, scroll to settings, and unlock the thermostat and letting them set the temperature to any setting.

Please make lock mean lock, and disallow unlocking at the physical unit.

Use case is short term rental where guests keep setting the thermostat to unreasonably cool temperature (like 65º), causing the unit to freeze up and become inoperative.

Note that this is different request than Wyze Thermostat - lock min and max temp, which is a preferable solution, but this might be easier to implement.


I’m making my comment to hopefully get Wyze to notice. If the user manual is going to say, “Now you can stop your kids (but not your spouse) from accessing the
thermostat”, accessing being the keyword here. Then it would seem to reason no one should be able to access the thermostat. I bought 5 of these based on that function and wifi. So half of why I bought these is deceiving. Please update this to lock out access completely at the thermostat.


Make lock thermostat actually lock the thermostat

The thermostat can easily be broken into by going into settings and the lock can be turned off. Why is this even an option. Multiple people have complained about this with no changes. I see forum posts from 2020 complaining about this. Make the thermostat lock an actual proper lock that cant be easily side stepped.


The app states “Control your thermostat from your wyze app exclusively”
That’s what I want. “Exclusively” from my app.
Not this which anyone can disable at the thermostat.
Frankly I think this is false advertising and wyze needs to send everyone who bought this device a refund. Or just fix it so it does what is so obviously necessary that wyze even promises it.

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Yes. Kids are too quick to just click and turn and figure this one out, totally defeating the purpose of the lock. The main reason I bought these thermostats was so I could keep kids from always changing the thermostat resulting in high electric bills. Looked great when I first locked it, but it took less than 5 minutes for them to figure it out.

Please give this high priority.

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